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Fly Fishing Puerto Vallarta with Capt. Chuy Cruz

Filed under: General Comments,Worldwide Travel Reports — victor at 2:51 pm on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here we are again!  Blue Water Fly Fishing, outside of PV, with Chuy has once again been quite successful.  Some fish caught with a fly and others with conventional techniques.  The highlight was a fly caught Skip Jack that made for some of the best Sashimi I have had in years!  There is nothing like catching it, putting it on ice and eating it in the same day!!!  Tonight we will BBQ, over mesquite, the other fish we captured which consisted of Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners and for the first time, a Needle fish?  I know the Spanish Mackerel will be great and I had the Blue Runner last year and it was good, but the Needle fish? I just do not know?  Any way, if you are ever in PV and would like to get out with a fly fishing guide as well as a conventional guide, Chuy has been wonderful as a guide for the past three years!  Give me a call at the shop if you would like further information on how to contact Chuy!  Can’t beat the sun here in Puerto Vallarta, the food is great and the beer is cold!!!


Victor Babbitt

TFFO Guide/Owner


Filed under: General Topics,Guide Trip Reports — Peter at 1:53 pm on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When winter storm systems are rolling through the Tahoe area it’s time to head down to the East Walker river and go fishing.This week I spent four days fishing and guiding on this great fishery.With good hatches of midges and baetis we were able to land fish on dries,nymphs,and streamers.On the brighter days nymph fishing was the way to go and on the cloudy days fishing dry flies produced great results.On my first guide trip of the week I was fishing with Hugo and Pierre from Quebec, we had an excellent day of fishing.Pierre was on his first fly fishing trip and was a quick learning student, landing a couple of fish in the first hour of our trip to get things going.Hugo was more experienced than his friend and was also into fish in short time.We caught a nice mix of browns and rainbows with the larger fish in the 18″ to 20″ range.When properly dressed for cold winter weather, biting fish, great clients and lots of nice fish to the net.On the next  two days I fished with George and Christine from New York city, friends of Hugo and Pierre, also here for a buiness meeting.George and Christine have learned to fly fish together over the past five years or so.Do to there busy professional schedules they take advantage of guided fishing trips when they can,I must say you could tell by the way they fished.We spent two great days of fishing and enjoying what the weather and river gave us.As a guide, the combination of good clients and fishing coming together, I could not have had it any better for three great days. Thank you Hugo,Pierre,George and Christine come and fish with us again.The mentioned anglers used midge and baetis dries and nymphs to catch and release some 50 to 60 fish in three days .Also thanks to my friend Scott Freeman from Walker River Outfitters for some good information .So all I have to say LETS GO FISHING!Take a guide trip with us at TFFO!

Peter Santley

Guide TFFO.

It’s snowing and I bet the fishing is great!

Filed under: General Topics — victor at 10:49 am on Friday, February 13, 2009

We’re finally getting the snow and boy do we need it!  I am sure this will change some of the great fishing we have been having lately, but don’t give up on it.  Some of my favorite days of fishing, in the past few years, have been on snowy cloudy days on the Walker River.  The Winter Stones have already begun and once that starts the rest will be history.  There is nothing like getting fish on the surface with big bugs in the middle of the Winter!  Stay tuned for some other great reports as things settle out after the storms!  I can hear the stories now, “big fish on dry flies” don’t miss the fun, get out and fish!

Winter Fishing options

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Finally! Winter has arrived. Despite the cold temps and snow there are still some great options for fly fishing this winter. I have been spending time on the Little Truckee, Yuba, Truckee, American, Trinity, and East Walker Rivers and all have been fun. The overcast days with rain and snow should really pick things up on the American, Trinity and Yuba rivers especially. We have still been doing guide trips on some of the Tahoe area waters, so if your interested don’t hesitate to call the shop. Also, we offer fly tying classes for those looking for a new hobby and a fun way to spend thase cold winter evenings. Just call or stop by the shop for details.


Winter fishing is anything but cold

Filed under: General Topics — admin at 10:27 am on Friday, February 13, 2009

Due to the recent warm weather, and the lack of snow, we have been able to do a lot of fishing.  And just about everywhere has been fantastic!  In the past few weeks I have fished the Truckee, the Little Truckee, the East Walker, and the Yuba.  All have fished well and have put out consistent numbers of fish.  

The Truckee has fished well from Hirschdale to Reno.  Water temps have been in the 40 degree range with warmer temps in the Reno area and up high at Hirschdale where the Little Truckee confluences with the Truckee.  Indicator nymphing has been the most successful.  Root Beer baetis 18-22, flashback pt’s 16-22, golden stones 8-12 have been working. With low water temps the fish have been lethargic, so getting a good dead drift is key to getting the fish to eat. 






The Little Truckee has been fishing good to excellent.  I have spent quite a few days on the river in the past month and have seen great numbers of fish caught almost every day.  Water temps are consistent because of the bottom release dam out of Stampede resevoir.  Fishing from top to bottom on the LT has been great so go check it out.  The road to the river is not plowed in the winter, so good ground clearance and a 4wd are the only way to make it up there.  But as soon as it snows again, access will again be limited to snowmobiles and snowshoes.  Indicator nymphing has been the most productive, but we have seen fish rising to bwo’s and midges in the warmest part of the day.  Try Trina’s extended body bwo’s, and small adams sizes 18-22 on the surface, and rootbeer baetis, flashback hares ears, micro mayflies sizes 18-22 as well. 







The East Walker has also been good due to the warm up.  The river is at its winter flow rate of 20 cfs but is still fishing well.  The anchor ice has disappeared in the deep pools making them fishable again.  We saw great numbers of midges on the surface all day long, but didn’t see fish rising to them until the end of the day.  Indicator nymphing was again the most productive but we did hook a good number of browns on biot midges, Griffith’s gnats, and one actually took an ant pattern which was a last ditch effort used as an indicator dry fly ahead of a midge pattern.  Look for the fishing to stay great with warmer air and water temps.  Try golden stones 8-14, zebra midges 18-24, pheasant tails 16-20, brassies 20-24, and leech patterns sizes 10-16.






The Lower Yuba has also been fishing well.  With a lower elevation, water and air temps are not an issue.  Fishing from the highway 20 bridge up and downstream has been productive.  Floating is available below the bridge for around 4 miles to the Sycamore Ranch take out.  They offer a shuttle service so hit them up for a ride back to your vehicle when you are done fishing.  Dry flies are the key on the Yuba.  Skwala stones,pmd’s, and bwo’s have been around in rather impressive numbers.  There is nothing like catching a Yuba rainbow on a huge dry fly!  This river also has steelhead and salmon in it right now.  So you never know when you might hook an adult steel on a 5 weight.  It is a beautiful stretch of water that is deep in spots making it difficult to wade, but is easily crossable in the right areas.







Guiding is available on all of these waters.  It is a rare opportunity to have such good fishing in the winter months in the Sierras so come take advantage of it.  We all know how big the snow storms can be, and we are only a couple of storms away form being back where we should be this time of year pertaining to snow pack.  Let us know if you want to do some winter fishing, it really has been epic.  Tight lines and pray for snow, because without it, the fishing will be tough through the summer months.

Derek TFF retail/new guide