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Indian Creek Rollercoaster Ride

Filed under: General Topics,Guide Trip Reports,Lake Reports — Mike Curtis at 12:42 pm on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guide Mike Curtis with a 2 to 3 lbs Rainbow on the Indicator

Have you every have one of those days where it seems like you can’t do anything wrong? Then, come back the next day and it seems like you can’t even buy a fish? Even though “Guides” don’t like to admit it, we still do. I fished Indian Creek for four days over the course of a week and hit every range of emotion that one can. So here is the deal, Indian Creek at times can be on fire and other times the fish will be a lot harder to catch, But still catching fish ranging from 10 inches to fish over 20 inches.

Hatches: Damsels, are alot like the fish, one day they are coming off thick and the next day only a few come off.

   Midges: A few Blood Midges in the morning, and Micro Midges: both morning and evening.

Water Temp’s: 62 – 65 degrees and climbing with climbing Air Temps.

Also stripping a small brown or olive Bugger with a type II or Intermediate sink line has been producing fish. I have been fishing Damsels and Midges under the indicator with the bottom fly 2-4 feet off of the bottom. The fish are hanging around the weed beds looking for the Damsels in the mornings and looking for the Midges in the afternoon. Smaller fish are holding in 3 to 15 feet of water with larger fishing holding on average 8 to 15 feet of water.

Cleve Ferguson with a 4lbs. Rainbow

In the Evening with midges coming out, you can also try midges 1-3 feet under the indicator or a floating line with a 10 to 13 foot leader with a single midge on the end of it and hand twist (also known as the figure 8 retrieve) the midge back to you under the surface film. Like Cleve Ferguson did to catch this nice bow in 12 feet of water.

These fish are fighting so hard that they are completely exhausted by the time they are landed they are very hard to revive even though surface water temps have been 63-65 degrees. I REALLY recommend running 3x tippet to be able to get the fish in quickly and limit the amount of time they are out of the water for photo’s or removing the fly. These fish are great fish and I would like to see them around next year!!  

For more information or guide trips to Indian Creek Resvoir feel free to contact the shop.

“See the Fly, Love the Fly, Eat the Fly!”

Mike Curtis

Indian Creek Hotties

Filed under: General Topics — Corey at 11:15 am on Sunday, June 20, 2010

I know, wouldn’t it be great if Indian Creek had a nice beach with a bunch of hotties in ‘kinis?!? lnstead, the rainbows are hot right now. They are shaking their heads fiercely, so be ready for a fight. Between the weeds and the strong fish, landing the bigger fish is tough. They will eat on 4x so definitely use it. Try 3x to your first fly and 4x to the dropper. If your strike numbers dwindle, go 4x to 4x dropper. 5x just isn’t holding the fish. The damsel hatch is great from roughly 9am-1pm. Fishing is tough after that for a few hours. It’s like trying to feed a slender person after they’ve been to the buffet. We caught a small chub yesterday. I don’t know where they came from, but it is a first in Indian Creek. I threw on a white woolly bugger after that and it worked too. It shows up nicely for those fish cruising down deeper. Find slots in the weeds and fish them. Have fun.

Truckee River

Filed under: General Topics — Corey at 2:37 pm on Saturday, June 19, 2010

I enjoyed a great morning with two great kids, Oren and Chris of Orinda, Ca, yesterday. They both did great and had a great time. Each landed two nicely sized rainbows and had others on for quick releases. The water is freezing, wear a layer underneath the waders. Both took a swim so we did some wardrobe changing mid-morning. The flows are right at fishable, the water is clear. We took wading staffs which helped tremendously. Caddis and drake immitations were the nymph choices of the day. It has to go deep and have a lot of weight so 5 weights or a light six are the tools needed. We were upstream from Glenshire and somehow avoided the typical dog park scenario with the tennis ball getting confused with your strike indicator as the giant yellow lab chasing it swims through your drift, so that was an added bonus. Be extremely careful, more than a minute in these water temps and it is going to get ugly. Have fun out there. Be ready for crowds, as the Truckee is going to start looking like a Cabela’s demo day here pretty soon.

Corey Funk

Guide/Instructor Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Tahoe Area Fishing Report. June 15th 2010

Filed under: General Topics — admin at 12:01 am on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

East Carson River- Currently flowing at about 1800 cfs. Look for this to increase as the weather warms. Look for flows to drop below 800 for good fishing. It is possible to wade the river between 350 and 500 cfs but be careful and use a wading staff. We will keep you posted as too when the East Carson is coming into fish-able condition. Guides Available.

West Carson River- Currently at 380 cfs. Look for this to increase with warming weather. Fishing is possible at this flow, but challenging. Try nymphing with size 6-8 golden stones, size 14-16 Pt’s, 14-16 fox’s poopah, 14-16 copper johns, 14-16 hares ears and San Juan worms in natural and red. Large olive and black buggers can be effective at this flow. Guides Available.

West Walker River–  Currently running at around 1800 cfs. This is pretty high for the West Walker. Look for flows to drop below 600 for decent fishing and even lower for wade-able conditions. Guides Available.

East Walker RiverCurrently holding steady at around 192 cfs and fishing well. The East Walker is one of a few options in the Eastern Sierra at this time so expect crowds and be courteous. There is no reason we all can not enjoy a fun day on the water during crowded conditions as longas everyone is patient and respectful to each other. There is plenty of water and plenty of fish all along this river so respect your fellow anglers and have a great day on the water. Streamer bite has been good at times. Black and olive sculpins and crystal buggers in various colors have been picking up fish. Nymphing has been the most effective method on the EW. Try zebra midges in various colors, barr’s emergers, rainbow warriors, wd-40’s and small caddis patterns. For dries try blue duns, small parachute adams, pmd’s, ec cadis and elk hair caddis all size 16-20. Guides Available.

Little Truckee River– Flows around 41 cfs and a lot of pressure. There are a lot of anglers on the water this time of year so be patient and courteous while fishing the LT. The flows are low and clear so approach the river slowly and be stealthy. Nymphing has been effective with size 18-22 wd-40’s, zebra midges, baetis and pmd patterns. San Juan’s have also been effective. For dries size 16-20 blue duns, hackle stacker pmds and parachute adams have been working well. Guides Available.

Truckee River– Flows on the Truckee are 500 cfs in the town of Truckee and 1200 cfs below Boca bridge. Pretty high for the Truckee. Look for flows to go up over the next few weeks. Guides Available.

Tahoe area tributaries– The Tahoe area tributaries do not open to July 1st. When they open we highly encourage catch and release on all the tributaries to ensure a fun and healthy fishery. Please Report any poaching to Cal-Tip at 1-888-334-2258.

Tahoe area Still waters

Indian Creek Reservoir– Fishing Well. Try damsels just under the surface on a floating line. Buggers in white, olive and black have been effective. One of my favorite setups is to troll an olive woolly bugger with a prince nymph trailer while float tubing to find fish. Look for some fish rising to terrestrials like ants and beetles throughout the day and try blood midges under an indicator in the evenings. Guides Available.

Caples- Ice is beginning to melt try streamers and terrestrial from the shore. Guides Available.

Red Lake– Ice is beginning to melt  try olive and black buggers from shore. Blood midges under an indicator in the evening. Guides Available.

Marlette Lake– Opens July 15th for CATCH AND RELEASE FISHING ONLY.

Spooner Lake– Starting to fish well. Try Rickards seal buggers and small woolly buggers. Aggravator princes and hares ears size 12 -16 have been effective trailed behind a small streamer.

Blue Lakes– No Report at this time. Will update as soon as possible.

Silver Lake– Beginning to ice out. Try natural zonkers, black and olive buggers from the float tube or shore. Guides Available.

Sawmill Pond- For kids 14 and under only. Adults can help kids to fish but cannot fish on their own. This is one of only a few ponds in the state of California dedicated to young anglers. It will be stocked throughout the summer. Various nymphs under a bobber and streamers work great here fished with a casting bobber for catch and release fishing. For bait try power bait and worms.

We offer guiding on most of these waters. The shop is fully stocked with all the latest equipment and flies needed to fish the Eastern Sierra and more. Call 530-541-8208 or stop by the shop for more info. We will be updating our fishing report weekly so check back for the most up to date info on fishing the Tahoe Region.

Tight Lines

Mike O’Dell

Guide/Instructor-Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Kids Day 2010

Filed under: General Topics — admin at 2:42 pm on Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Saturday, June 5th Kids Day 2010 was back at Sawmill Pond. Thanks to the many donations and volunteers there were plenty of great fish and tons of smiling faces. The fishing was red hot and almost every kid at the pond got into some fish. There are still plenty of fish in Sawmill pond so get out there and enjoy some great fishing with your kids. Thanks again to the many people that help make this event happen each year.

Rods rigged and ready to go


Doug, Tom and Joe preparing the bait


Gunnison with his first rainbow


Having fun at Kids Day 2010

Kids Day 2010


Nice Rainbow


Mike O’Dell 


Little Truckee group trip

Filed under: General Topics — admin at 10:15 pm on Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Had a great group trip today on the Little Truckee with fellow guides Peter Santley and Brenden Burnside. I was paired up with Betsy and Darren from Kansas City. The day started off well with some good action nymphing followed up by some great dry fly action later in the day. Betsy caught her first fish on the fly, a beautiful 18inch rainbow while Darren got a few hookups on the nymph rig. Great weather, good company and some nice fish landed. All in all a great day on the LT.

Betsy making drifts on the LT

Darren's nice rainbow

Troy with a nice rainbow on a dry fly

Mike O’Dell