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East Walker Kite Surfing

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — Corey at 5:24 pm on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If it was wide enough and you were good enough, it could have been done yesterday. As I drove through Bridgeport on the way to the river, there was alkali dust blowing across 395 that looked like a snow blizzard. I thought I was pretty much screwed in regards to fishing as I was hoping to throw dry flies. As I drove by Bridgeport Reservoir, I thought, “what a great day for kite surfing!” The fishing was actually great. Half of my casts didn’t go anywhere I intended but the fish were looking up and eating dry flies. The fishing was solid from noon to 7 (this is when the sun went down, the breezes off the snow capped Sierras dropped 20 degrees in temp and wet wading suddenly became a bad idea) and I left as I could not feel my fingers. Standing in the river at that point was actually warmer than out in the wind. The fish ate all small flies 18s to 22s. I only say 2 caddis adults all day. They have to be ready to pop any day. The wind was ridiculous but the fish didn’t care. For the first time in three months I was able to look up and downstream and not see anyone for most of the day. The pictures are of gently released fish who were kind enough to stick around while I dug out the camera.

Fly Fishing The West Carson River

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports,Lake Reports,River Reports — Corey at 5:10 pm on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The West Carson River has been fishing really well. The runoff is incredibly mild and wet wading in the slow, shallow sections is even possible and not numbing. CA DFG has put in some 12 to 14 inch Lahontan Cutthroat that are really pretty and fun to catch. There are also some larger Rainbows in there as well. I have seen a couple of adult Stoneflies and some Caddis already so dry fly fishing should be just around the corner. The fish have been eating large Prince Nymphs, Large Copper Johns and a variety of small mayfly, caddis and midge imitations. Get out and enjoy this early fishing. It is not very often that you will get to fish in Hope Valley in shorts on a May evening!

Floating the East Truckee River

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,Guide Trip Reports,River Reports — Mike Curtis at 8:08 pm on Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Photo of the Float by Marcus Bradley

On Tuesday, I floated the East Truckee River, with recent TFFO Guide School Graduates, Marcus Bradley and Seth Hofland. While water was high flowing at 654 cfs and slightly stained. We still hooked 9 fish and were able to land 4 of them, all about 12-16″ on the indicator, we did hook two larger fish but like typically Truckee River Steel, they took large runs and came unbutton with head shakes. We had one follow on a streamer but no takes. While Run-off has started, flows are still at a good level to fish and catch fish!! Float Guide Trips are available…. and if you have never floated I highly recommend it!

Fishing the East Walker River with Brendan – May 2012

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Guide School 2012 Day 1

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,Guide Trip Reports — Brendan at 4:52 pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great start to our guide school….. Students met the guides and each other first time in the morning. Fish tales were told, stories were swapped and everyone was ready to get the week started on a positive note. We were stoked with the marketing presentation by Megan Murray. She exceeded our expectations and gave the students as well as the lead guides some awesome info and direction. I know I learned a ton of useful marketing techniques and strategies.
Then it was off to the West Fork of the Carson for some good old fashion spring conditions fishing. Between the extreme wind gusts, 40 degree water temps and the onslaught of angling pressure from the  recent opening weekend, we did manage to land a few Lahontan  Cutthroat, which was cool.  Moral was high as the crew left the river. More good times to come!!!

Brendan Burnside
Head Guide/ TFFO