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IF4 Show in Bend

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,School and Workshops — Rick at 8:19 am on Thursday, March 26, 2015

What a bonus!  Me and my wife were in Bend, Oregon the past week on a ski and mountain bike trip and the International Fly Fishing Film Festival 2015 was in town.  It was held at the Tower Theater in downtown Bend and sponsored by Fly and Field Outfitters, a great local fly shop.  It was the first time I had attended the event and was thoroughly impressed by the film entrants.  My wife, who does not fish, was also impressed and entertained.  As for Bend, the mountain biking was off the charts and we were able to get only our second powder day of the year at Mount Bachelor.  That place still has the soul of skiing and riding as its number one priority.  46 days until Guide School 2015.  Reserve your spot and join us this year.  If you have any questions, please email or call me.



rickemcguire@yahoo.com  530-318-5694

Guide School testamonial

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,School and Workshops — Rick at 9:56 am on Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here is a testimonial from one of our graduates Morgan Kane.  He was also the winner of that year’s casting contest.


The school was very informational.  I had a great time learning with the other students as well as the guides and teachers.  I really liked the time everyone really spent with the verbage of teaching.  Now the only way to keep this knowledge fresh is to continue fishing and teaching others that is why I am moving forward with it.  I have already bought my bond through the state and Im in the process of filling out my guides paperwork.  I’m also gonna start shadowing now that I am back from Belize.  This school was so informational one of the nights I was in Belize( nothing but fish on the brain….even tho it was my honeymoon), I had a dream that I was guiding a client on the Truckee river.  “Lob, lift and now lead the indicator down the seam”.  I had a blast and will continue striving forward to turn my passion into a career.

The networking side of things really helps as well.  Throughout the week I would post a new pic each day from our school.  I must have had over a half dozen replys or private messages about the Tahoe Fly fishing guides school.  I ranted nothing but positive replies because I feel the school has helped tremendously.

Thanks again,


Sign up today as spots are limited.

Rick McGuire TFFO Guide School Director 530-318-5694  rickemcguire@yahoo.com

Guide School 2015

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,School and Workshops — Rick at 9:59 pm on Sunday, March 8, 2015

Once again this year’s Guide School has the privilege of having Jaime Lyle as our casting instructor.  Jaime is a certified FFF Master Casting Instructor and one of the best in the industry.  He is currently a California sales rep for Sage, Redington, and Rio. Student will spend an entire day with Jaime and our instructors working on their personal casting skills and learning how to teach others. We are two months away from this year’s school and getting pretty excited as it approaches.  Contact me if you have any questions and sign up soon as we have a limit on the number of spots available.

2013-05-06 09.57.58

Rick McGuire- Guide School Director  530-318-5694  rickemcguire@yahoo.com

Mid-Winter Baetis & Truckee River Browns!

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,Guide Trip Reports,River Reports — victor at 8:31 am on Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Truckee River was a blast this past week! Big Browns on drys, just what I have been waiting for!




LTCC fly fishing class

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,School and Workshops — Rick at 8:35 am on Monday, March 2, 2015

This spring I will be teaching an 8 hour Introduction to Fly Fishing class through the Community Education Department at Lake Tahoe Community College on Sunday May 10th from 8 am to 5 pm.  This intensive course is designed for the beginner as well as anyone who is struggling with their fly fishing skills.  Topics that are covered include equipment selection, casting, reading water effectively, entomology and fly selection, presenting the fly properly, as well as others.  Check out the college website or contact me for more information.  The course is titled Fly Fishing For Everyone.  Hope to see you there.


Rick McGuire Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters, rickemcguire@yahoo.com, 530-318-5694

Upcoming 6 day intensive Fly Fishing School

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,School and Workshops — Rick at 12:48 pm on Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here is some exciting news!  This year we will be offering a 6 Day Intensive Fly Fishing School along side of our yearly Fly Fishing Guide School.  We have learned over the last 5 years of doing the Guide School that not all of our participants were interested in learning to be a guide but actually just wanted to become better fly fishermen.  This year we decided to take that feedback and offer a school for those just interested in taking their fly fishing skills to the next level.  Some of the workshops when appropriate will have both groups working side by side.  These include casting workshops, knot tying and rigging, entomology and fly selection, and rowing a drift boat to name a few.  All of the other time the groups will be split to work on their specific emphasis.  We are really excited about this and we look forward to working with both groups this year.  Specific information will be posted on the website soon.  If you have questions now, feel free to call or email me.

Rick McGuire- TFFO Guide School Director, rickemcguire@yahoo.com, 530-318-5694





Truckee River-Glenshire

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Kevin and Max early session on the truckee

Full Day Introduction to Fly Fishing

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics — Rick at 9:57 pm on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OK. So you have wanted to learn to fly fish for a long time.  No doubt you have thought and talked about it ad naseum.  Always an excuse to be found.  Well now is the time to get it done right.  For a small investment of $100, you can get the proper instruction and the pertinent information necessary to get you started on you own fly fishing journey.  And this is the right way to do it.  Don’t be one of those guys or gals that trusts their buddy to teach them.  Ever learn to ski from one of these people.  When I guided I used to see the water littered with these poor souls.  I used to think if only they had been given the right stuff from the beginning, they would be having a hell of a lot more fun. I decided to get back in the industry this year because I missed the teaching part so much.  After teaching fly fishing classes at LTCC for three years I was able to help quite a few folks like yourself get started.  Join me soon.  We are scheduled for June 24th and July 22nd.  We may add or change dates as necessary but Sunday seems to work best for me.  Call the shop for further information.

Rick McGuire TFFO Instructor


Floating the East Truckee River

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,Guide Trip Reports,River Reports — Mike Curtis at 8:08 pm on Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Photo of the Float by Marcus Bradley

On Tuesday, I floated the East Truckee River, with recent TFFO Guide School Graduates, Marcus Bradley and Seth Hofland. While water was high flowing at 654 cfs and slightly stained. We still hooked 9 fish and were able to land 4 of them, all about 12-16″ on the indicator, we did hook two larger fish but like typically Truckee River Steel, they took large runs and came unbutton with head shakes. We had one follow on a streamer but no takes. While Run-off has started, flows are still at a good level to fish and catch fish!! Float Guide Trips are available…. and if you have never floated I highly recommend it!

Guide School 2012 Day 1

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,Guide Trip Reports — Brendan at 4:52 pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great start to our guide school….. Students met the guides and each other first time in the morning. Fish tales were told, stories were swapped and everyone was ready to get the week started on a positive note. We were stoked with the marketing presentation by Megan Murray. She exceeded our expectations and gave the students as well as the lead guides some awesome info and direction. I know I learned a ton of useful marketing techniques and strategies.
Then it was off to the West Fork of the Carson for some good old fashion spring conditions fishing. Between the extreme wind gusts, 40 degree water temps and the onslaught of angling pressure from the  recent opening weekend, we did manage to land a few Lahontan  Cutthroat, which was cool.  Moral was high as the crew left the river. More good times to come!!!

Brendan Burnside
Head Guide/ TFFO

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