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Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — Peter at 9:49 pm on Monday, December 8, 2014

Trinity River steelhead report is the steelhead are responding to recent rains. Steelhead fishing is good on the Trinity River between storms for all kinds of tactics. It’s steelhead weather on the Trinity now as the fish like the rain. We are at the late stages of the fall run and the river is primed for the winter run steelhead to start moving in this month. Steelhead fishing remains good both swinging flies or fishing nymphs under indicators. Water temps still remain near 50 degrees and the fish are still chasing swung flies when flows are right. I will be on the Trinity for the next ten days guiding. I still have a few openings 12/12 and 12/13,12/18 and 12/19  for those interested in connecting with a strong fighting steelhead. With more rain in the forecast the next few weeks should see some great fishing. BOOK A TRIP! Call PETER at 530 318- 7073 or e-mail peter@tahoeflyfishing.com. I will return calls or emails in the evenings when I get off the river, Let’s go steelhead fishing ! I have plenty dates available in after Christmas, January, February and March too!

Come out and play!

Peter Santley TFFO


Truckee River Guide Update November 5, 2015

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports,River Reports — Mike Curtis at 9:33 pm on Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I had a blast today guiding Blaise and his two sons (5 and 7 years old) today on the Truckee River, California side. Now I know there is still at lot of controversy over wether or not to fish the Truckee river both in California and Nevada. Let me just say that yes water flows are still low and it has concentrated fish but, watertemps are in the high 40’s at 2 in the afternoon. Every fish we landed today was hot… multiple runs, jumps and quick recovery times. Now that isn’t to say that one should take their time with the fish out of water, just snap a quick photo and release or if the fish isn’t photo worthy just release.

Yes fish are concentrated nymphing for them is a quick way to rack up numbers, but if you want a challenge, there are plenty of fish up on the Micro Blue Wing Olive hatch that is going on right now. With waters being lower than normal this is a great time for begginers or folks who want to work on casting, drifts with a dry fly!! And if you think you need a little extra encouragement or some help with dry fly fishing a Gudie Trip is the best way to go!! This hatch will only be around for another couple of weeks so I would book now!!

Tight lines to all of you!! and Here’s to Bucking Trout!!

Mike Curtis
TFFO Guide/Instructor


Hooked up!

Hooked up!

BWO fish

BWO fish

23" Bow on the Stone dry fly

23″ Bow on the Stone dry fly

Guide update for Truckee River October 6th 2014

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — Jay Swartley at 7:55 pm on Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall is official here on the north shore. A little ice on the line today down in the canyon. Throwing big offerings(crayfish, stones,eggs,sj’s,ect) early before the bugs start moving seems to be the ticket the last few days. Once the sun hits the water look for midges and small to medium sized mayflies. still a few hoppers left as well.
If you ever wanted to have a shot at that trophy brown the next few weeks would be a great time to give it a go! See you on the water…..image


Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — Peter at 7:09 pm on Saturday, September 27, 2014

Trinity River steelhead addicts wanted to fill seats in my drift boat for fall and winter steelhead trips. Just over 300 miles northwest of our South Lake Tahoe shop is my fall and winter home away from home Trinity River. The Trinity has one of the best steelhead runs in the west. I leave tomorrow to take my drift boat to Indian Creek Lodge on the Trinity River near Douglas City where it will stay all season. I will run my first trips of the season next week and will be on the river for six days. Salmon and steelhead are in the system and we will be after them. Steelhesd fishing on the Trinity is a blast . If you would like to join the fun, BOOK A TRIP. I have some good dates available in October and November I am trying to book. Full day float trips are $400.00 a day or $750.00 for two days. I have all Sage gear for nymphing or spey casting. One thing for sure if you don’t go you can’t catch them! I will have first hand information in a couple of days, stay tuned.




(530) 318-7073   cell

e-mail        peter@tahoeflyfishing.com




East Carson Guided Trip Report for September 23rd 2014

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — Jay Swartley at 7:50 am on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IMG_1172-2Well its that time again folks, leaves are changing, nights are cooler, and the browns are getting fired up! Yes we do have smoke depending on wind direction, and yes the water is still low. If you watch the wind directions and get on it early though some of the best fishing of the year is rite now!

Low water, spooky fish and mud/silt on the bottom means bring the A-game. Try not to cross in slow moving water, think light long tippets and small fall bugs. Expect the occasional Streamer eater also tho! I have heard a lot of grumbling over the flows out there, but would argue that with adjusted tactics the fishing can be even better this year if you know where to look and how to approach it. What better time to set up a trip to learn low water tactics or just brush up on overall techniques? Go get “em!

Truckee River Update Friday September 5th

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports,River Reports — Jay Swartley at 2:47 pm on Friday, September 5, 2014

Indian summer is here!  With cool overnight lows and warm sunny days its a great time to get up here. Getting on it early is still paying off, but with shorter days no more 445 wake up calls, hooray!  It was 35 degrees in Martis Valley this morning at 6am, and 75 by about 11am.  Come prepared dress in layers and expect everything from blazing sun to a dusting of snow over the next few weeks.

Bugwise expect to see standard tiny midges when sun first breaks onto the water, lingering pmd’s,bwo’s(cloudy days),caddis, and maybe a few stones.  lately a crayfish with a small pheasant tail off the back has bin doing just fine.  I have bin ditching the bobber and highsticking them thru the runs. Pay attention grabs on the dead drift, on the swing, and plenty on a quick strip as well.

With kids back in school the crowds are mostly gone. Lower fall flows make for easy access to lots of normally hard to reach lies.  Its an excellent time to book one of our guides and go chasing some Truckee River chrome, or check out any of our other numerous waters.  Call the shop with any questions 530-541-8208.  See you on the river, Jay



Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — Peter at 12:13 pm on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trinity River flows increased August 23rd and will stay up through mid September. The tribes on the Lower Trinity and Klamath rivers fought to get flows increased to cool water temperatures on the two rivers to save salmon and steelhead from dying. By cooling the water temps down more fish will enter the river systems, this will jump start fall salmon and steelhead runs. With good salmon reports from the guides currently fishing, The flows will be down to fishable levels later this week. We are seeing good numbers of salmon in the Trinity and with the flows the numbers will increase. I am expecting a good fall salmon and steelhead run, I am currently booking trips for  October, November, and December. I am looking for people to fish in October and November as  I think we will have a good early season. If you have not experienced the Trinity River steelhead fishing you are missing out!  Catching steelhead on fly rods is a fun time, I have single handed rods for the boat , spey and switch rods for wade fishing. Whatever your fancy, Come out and play!

Good fishing,

Peter Santley TFFO


$400.00  Full day float   1 or 2  anglers

$375.00 per day for two 0r more days,

Trips include all tackle, flies, lunch and drinks.  Shuttles and gratuity not included.




or call or text (530) 318-7073

Truckee River-Glenshire

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,Guide Trip Reports,Lake Reports,River Reports — Brian Purdy at 4:30 pm on Thursday, August 14, 2014


Kevin and Max early session on the truckee

Walker Rivers Fishing Report July 17, 2014

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — admin at 3:46 pm on Thursday, July 17, 2014

The East Walker is hanging in there with flows in the low 90’s.  Don’t be afraid to move around and get out of the Mile.  Fish will be spooky so try to blend in and stay quiet around the river.  Light, short leader and tippets are the way to go and don’t forget to check and clean your flies every other cast or so.  Small midges, dry dropper set ups and caddis are your best bets.  Please be aware of the river temps. try to get the fish to the net as quick as possible and make sure the fish are fully revived before releasing.

The West Walker is low and crystal clear.  Seems to be getting a fair amount of pressure, try to get there early.  Stealth is key, good presentations are going to make the difference.  Go small and light and cover water.  Midges, caddis, mayflies should all do the job.

Truckee River Fishing Report July 27, 2014

Filed under: Guide Trip Reports — admin at 3:38 pm on Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fly fishing on the Truckee river has been better than expected lately.  Get out there early or the last couple hours of the day, the water is warm. Faster water is going to hold the fish, they need the oxygen. Please try to get the fish to the net as quick as possible and make sure they are fully revived before releasing. Been seeing a lot of crawdads on the river bed along with the usual bugs. Smaller dark maylies, green caddis, midges and stoneflies are pretty much the go to this time of the year. Call the shop for a guide if you want to get to know some of the spots or techniques we use when fishing the Truckee.

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