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Fly Fishing Guide Report for The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, The East Carson River and West Carson River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area Stillwaters. Updated for January 2014!

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East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at Frozen and low.

The catch and release section below Hangman’s Bridge:  Open for Winter fishing which will be somewhat difficult until the March time frame.  If anything, Midges,  Baetis and Stones will be the diet with the occasional streamer bite on warmer days. right now it is frozen and not really worth fishing.

West Carson River Fishing Report – Closed until Spring…  You will see people fishing on occasion, be nice and let them know it is closed until the last Saturday in April.

West Walker River Fishing Report- Currently flows are variable but fishable in Nevada.

CA  sections closed! The Nevada sections can be fun and stay open all year.  Try The Hoye Canyon section above Wellington or the Wilson Canyon section below Smith Valley.  Another fun fishery is the Tube below Topaz Lake which can hold some pretty nice fish as well as stockers from NDOW. The flows will vary with storms and usually fishes well on cloudy days. Mostly Midges and Baetis throughout the winter months.  Streamer fishing will get them moving on warm days!  Mostly frozen right now but will change with a bit of a warming trend.

East Walker River Fishing Report- Flows are 33+ CFS.  January 2014

CA section:  Flows are at Winter minimums with Midges and Baetis on the menu.  Pattern sizes have gone back to 20s and 22s to keep it interesting.  On occasion the fish will eat off of the surface but don’t count on it for now.  Cloudy days are worth a look! Otherwise down and dirty in the buckets.  Streamers will take a fish or two when presented in a slow fashion.

Nevada section: The Rosachi ranch is fishing but has ice on the edges.  Best fishing is during the middle part of the day.  Small Baetis nymphs and midge pupae are working with the occasional dry take.  Attractor dries used as an indicator will fool them now and again. The smaller the fly the better for the next month or so!

 Guides Available call 530-541-8208

Little Truckee River Fishing Report- Flows are 41+ CFS. January 2014

Still plenty of fish in the system.  Look for fish on the rise if you can get up the road.  Otherwise get your snow machines ready for winter access.  Midges most of the Winter with occasional Baetis and Winter Stones. Access for now is available but will change with snow if we get it!

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report- Flows are variable.

Above the 267 Bridge:  Closed for the winter!

Year round section (CA) below 267 Bridge.    Hit and miss fishing all winter long.  Access will depend on snow coverage.  Midges Mostly all Winter and looking for Baetis on Cloudy days.  Afternoons will be best as the ice flows are early in the day.  Look for lethargic fish that might eat!

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report:  The lower the better as we get deeper into Winter.  Look for good days when the air temps hit 45F or better.  Midges, Baetis and Streamers!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Learn it and Love it!  We will be doing a limited amount of float trips on the Truckee this Winter, please call for details.

Tahoe Area Stillwaters: January 2014

Pyramid Lake- Open and fishing fairly well but mostly from boats and float tubes.   Some fish have been caught fishing from shore and a few big ones as well which is great for Winter season fishing!  The fish are eating the Chubs so look for pods of bait fish and throw streamers to match!  Indicator fishing has also started with rumor of a 20 pound fish on a Chironomid.  The patterns have changed and the fishing continues to impress with numerous big fish being caught so far this winter.  Don’t wait for the spring, fish now and get the big ones!

Indian Creek Reservoir – There are still plenty of fish in Indian Creek and they stocked just prior to freezing!  Access is going to be the problem and probable Ice. Buggers in Black, Olive and or Brown will work along the edges if and when the thaw starts. Check for Ice as we get deeper into the New Year.

Caples Lake:  Ready to go with great Ice Conditions.   A few larger fish have been caught early this year. Fish close to the Dam or Spillway with Kastmasters, Worms or Power Bait!

Red Lake Fishing Report:  Ice is ready to go with numerous anglers fishing along the Dam area. A few larger Lahonton Cutts up to 4 pounds have been landed and A few Brookies.  Fish with Kastmasters, Worms and Power Bait!

Silver Lake fishing report- Silver is fishing similarly to Caples.  Kastmasters, worms and Power Bait.

Spooner Lake Fishing Report- Done for the winter.

Marlette Lake Fishing Report- Closed for the season

Blue Lakes Fishing Report-   Closed for the season

Get out and fish, the season never ends around here!



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Ice fishing season is here and fishing is good.We have guided ice fishing trips available to local lakes.Trips are $100.00 per person with a 2 person min.,kids under 10 half price with 2 adults.Trips include needed tackle,bait,lures etc.BBQ lunch is available for $15.00 per person.A typical day meets at our shop at 9 am. follow your guide to Red Lake or Caples Lake fish from 10 am until 2 pm and return to town.All you need is good winter clothing,boots,gloves,hats,sunglasses and a valid California fishing license,kids under 16 years old do not need a license.We have good fishing and conditions right now.The best ice fishing is usually in December and January,and run trips through March if conditions are good.To book a trip call our shop at (530) 541-8208 or e-mail info@tahoeflyfishing.com .This is a fun activity for families,groups or individuals.
Come out and fish!,
Peter Santley guide TFFO

Truckee and East Walker conditions

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Fished the Truckee and East Walker this week. Both are fishing well at the right time of the day. No need to be out there super early or late, mid day is the time to be on the river. There’s been a pretty good midge hatch with a few fish eating on top so get out there and get a few before the storm hits next week. The bigger browns and rainbows are definitely eating, they know Winter is coming.

Jeremy Wright


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Trinity River steelhead fishing season is here.I have been floating the Trinity quite a bit this October and November.We have been hooking fish every day so far.The water is low and clear,making the fishing tough.My clients have been working hard for their fish.We have had a mix of steelhead,salmon,and brown trout in our catches.Fishing should get better when we get some decent rain.A little rain this week can’t hurt.I will be guiding over the weekend and have plenty of dates available.Book a trip and enjoy beautifull scenery and great steelhead fishing.Rates are $400.00 for full day float,2 or more days $375.00 per day.Trips include all rods ,flies ,leaders,lunch and beverages.Shuttles and gratuities not included.To book a trip or for more information call me at (530)318-7073 or text,e-mail peter@tahoeflyfishing.com.
Let’s go catch steelhead!
Peter Santley guide TFFO

East and West Carson river update

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Both the East and West Carson rivers are fishing really well lately. Low water, but hey that’s pretty much everywhere right now. I’ve been sticking to dry flies and my 2 or 3 weight on the West and nymphing, stripping streamers or using a dry dropper set up on the East with a 4 or 5 wt. There are a fair amount of big fish in the East Carson and you might be pleasantly surprised with a solid 16-18″ rainbow in the West. With the Aspens changing its worth the drive even if you don’t catch anything!!

Big fish in the Rivers

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In the last 4 days I have netted a lot of 24’+ fish for clients. The colder temps have got the big ones getting ready for Winter. Streamers and nymphs are the go to methods, but a big hopper/stonefly can fool the big boys as well. No need to be out there super early, mid day is still good. Swing by the shop with any questions and get out fishing!!

Truckee River waking up

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Feels like Fall out there and the fish seem to be getting ready for it. Great couple days on the Truckee recently, CA and NV side. Nymphing, swinging streamers and an occasional dry are the way to go. Give us a call and we’ll get you on some nice fish.

East and West Carson fishing great

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Both the East and West Carson are fishing great right now. Lots of fish in both rivers and finally some fish of real size are being caught( and hopefully released!). Plenty of action on top with stonefly patterns working as well as the usual suspects for this time of the year. Nymphing is the way to go mid day, the fish are still eating with the cooler temps. Swing by, get some flies and go fish!

Truckee River crawfish

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Nymphing or stripping a crawfish on the Truckee river has been really effective lately. Like anything else on the Truckee, the key is getting the fly down to the bottom and getting a good drift through the lane. Don’t be shy with the weight and get ready to hook some nice Truckee river browns and rainbows.

Truckee Tahoe Fly Fishing Guide Report for The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, The East Carson River and West Carson River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area Stillwaters. Updated for September, 2013!

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Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report- 350+ in town and 450 plus below Boca. Flows are variable but good.

Above the 267 Bridge:  Flows are in prime shape and the fishing is good.  Look for Yellow Sallies to wane; Stones are still around, Caddis are sporadic, Tricos, October Caddis starting to move and Hoppers.  Look for Western Drakes in the near future.  Streamers will take a fish or two as well especially early or late in the day and the Bigger the better!   

Year round section (CA) below 267 Bridge:  As the upper sections, the flows are great for this time of the year and should stay that way into September.  Hoppers, Golden Stones and Crawdad imitations are best.  Fall hatches are here already with Tricos, Western Drakes and October Caddis are moving.  The dry fly fishing has been great some days and the Nymphing good.  The Glenshire area, below Prosser Creek and just above the Boca inlet has been good.  Surprisingly the fishing in the Herschdale area has been good as well even with the higher flows.  Look for fish in the heavy water that holds more Oxygen…

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report:  Looks like the flows should stay pretty good with the best fishing being west of Reno.  The temperatures are starting to come down which is always a good sign!  Crawdads, Stones and Attractor Nymphs will work under an indicator. The upper sections have been good with dries and dry dropper rigs. Flows are a little low for floating. It is amazing how many miles of the Truckee are fishing well these days, spread out and fish them all!

East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 40+ CFS

The catch and release section Below Hangman’s Bridge:   The flows are low and the fish are looking up, the further downstream you get the better.  Still a lot of minor hatches leftover from summer but the Fall hatches are already happening.  Tricos, Hoppers and October Caddis.  The fish seem to move quite a bit and are not always in the same places as the week before, look for them in faster water where there tends to be more oxygen.  Tricos are early this year so look for them!  Mid Day fishing has been tough due to the high water temps, look for fish in the shaded areas.  Things are starting to cool down so expect to see the fishing improve during the mid day sessions.

Above Hangman’s Bridge:  Look for areas where the stocking truck can get to and there should be fish!  Hatches have been good with Hoppers, Tricos, Stones and Ants.  Fish a Stimulator with a dropper Nymph or pull a Bugger for best results.  Fishing well from Hangman’s Bridge up to the Highway 4 Bridge.  The Resort areas as well as the Campgrounds have been good.  Look for fish above the Highway Four Bridge as well and if you want more of a wild trout experience fish above WolfCreek in the Backcountry!

West Carson River Fishing Report – Flows are 15+ CFS running clear

The Pocket Water sections in the Canyon are fishing the best from about Sorenson’s down stream to the Woodfords area.  The meadow has been good but with the lower flows the fish tend to be spooky.  There is a lot of Little Cutthroat in the system with a few bigger Rainbows planted by Alpine County.  Hoppers, Small Mayfly Imitations, Ants and Caddis on the Surface.  Subsurface: Copper Johns, Flashback PT’s, Yellow Sally Nymphs and Buggers.  The Blue Lakes road area can be a lot of fun for smaller fish!

West Walker River Fishing Report- Flows are 30+ CFS 

Start up high and fish the cooler waters.  Buggers, Stones and attractor Nymphs will do best. Caddis patterns and Attractor dries will take a few fish.  Look for areas close to the road where they tend to stock for best results. Great area to catch Big fish!

The Nevada sections can be fun and stay open all year.   Try The Hoye Canyon section above Wellington or the Wilson Canyon section below SmithValley.  Streamers or Mouse Patterns are worth a try especially as the Temps come down. Another fun fishery is the Tube below Topaz Lake which can hold some pretty nice fish as well as stockers from NDOW.

East Walker River Fishing Report- Flows are 35+ CFS and fluctuating due to this low water year.

CA section:  Look for really low flows going into Fall and a lot of fluctuation.  The ranchers will have to be watching the water flows closely because of low snow pack and minor run-off.  The fish don’t seem to be bothered by the fluctuating flows.  They just like to eat! Hoppers are working well.  Tricos are also hatching and the fish are on them in the meadow sections.  Midges, Fall Caddis should be on their diet as well.  Dries have been fun and should continue with Tricos and Stones working the best. 

Nevada section:  With the temperatures coming down lately, and especially over night, The Rosachi Ranch section has been doing well.  Tricos, Stones and Hoppers

Little Truckee River Fishing Report- Flows are 70+ CFS and fluctuating.

The LT seems to be flipping at this point, fish are off one hatch and waiting for the next one to fill in.  Baetis are starting to show and the drakes are gone.  Best bets are Beetle and Ant Patterns.  Hoppers are still taking a fish or two especially with a dropper.  Fish small Baetis Nymphs and Midge Nymphs under your big dry.  There are plans to lower the flows around the beginning of September for Dam work so check them before you go.

Tahoe Area Stillwaters: September, 2013

Pyramid Lake- The stories are that the fish are bigger this year but not as many as past years.  The Pilot Peak fish seem to be the answer, who knows how big the fish will be this next season!  October 1st will be the opener and I bet it will be crowded.

Indian Creek Reservoir:  As things cool down the fishing should pick back up.  There are a lot of weed beds which keep the fish cruising along the edges.  Damsel Nymphs and Blood Midges are a good bet and float tubes are almost a must.  Buggers always work well in Brown and Olive.  Fish the deeper end until the water cools!

Caples LakeComing into my favorite time of year on Caples, cruising fish along the back shoreline.  Look for fish from the boulders and present a Big Ugly Rubber Leg Something in front of them and give it a twitch as they are coming to inspect it.  Streamers are working well off of the points and will coerce a fish to come up out of the depths.  Rent a boat from Caples Lake Marina for great access to the back of the lake!

Red Lake Fishing Report- Float tube the upper end for best results.  San Juan Worms hung under an indicator with a Copper John or Blood Midge Dropper will work well.  Trolling Buggers will take a few as well.  The Lake is off colored so don’t expect a bunch of fish!

Silver Lake fishing report- Lots of fish have been stocked lately and the bite has been on.  Blood Midges, Buggers and Leech Patterns are the diet.  Look for fish rising to the Blood Midge on the back side of the lake or fish a Para Adams late in the day.

Spooner Lake Fishing Report- Open and fishing well with Leeches and Blood Midges.  Fish a varied strip from really slow to erratic and fast.  You need a float tube for best access due to weed beds.  Lots of fish and lots of fun for your effort.

Marlette Lake Fishing Report- Opened on the 15th of July!  With the warmer conditions look for fish early in the day or fish deep in the middle!  Hoppers or Streamers work best and take a float tube for access.  Closes at the end of September!

Get out and fish, the season never ends around here!


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