Clearwater Lodge Guide School 2010

I recently returned to Tahoe after a fantastic week of learning and fishing at the Clearwater Lodge’s 2010 Guide School. The week was great and everybody learned a ton. It was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend anyone interested in guiding to take their course. We all got to spend time on Hat Creek, the Pit River, Burney Creek and even got to row drift boats on the Lower Sac. The entire staff is great and the accommodations were top notch. Every day started with a great breakfast then off to the river to learn and teach with some of the best guides in California. Then everyday at 6pm you get to sit down with everyone to an amazing dinner and tell stories about the day. All the other students were great and I met a lot of new friends to fish with. I would like to thank the instructors Andrew Harris, Tom April, Frank Pisciotta and Brad Mcfall again for teaching us all the important aspects of guiding.

Mike O’Dell Guide, Instructor at TFFO

Beutiful Burney Falls. Ryan and Cog are fishing in there somewhere.

I almost made this drift before Andrew stepped in and stuck this fat Brown in about 2 tries. What an awesome fish!

Brad Mcfall teaching us some cool techniques on Hat Creek.

The whole 2010 Guide School Crew

A close up of Andrew's fat Pit River Brown