Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt as seen in the Entertainer!

Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt May 2010

April was a cold and wet month and hopefully May will be a bit more like Summer! We are all used to these drought years when the weather goes from Winter directly into Summer and Spring is quickly left behind. Actually low water years are better for fishing in our area but tend to make it a little tougher in the Fall. Now we have, what seems to be, plenty of water or snow pack created by a longer than usual Spring which will create a much better than normal Fall of fishing! You get it one way or another, this year we have to wait to take advantage of the windfall that the extra water will create late in the year. In other words, fishing is still good now and it will be good all Summer and into the Fall!

During this runoff time of year the Tailwater fisheries are where the game is played and the Baetis is the ball! The Little Truckee river is tops in the month of May with The East Walker Coming in at a close second. There are other hatches going on but the Baetis is prominent with the occasional Midge, Stone or March Brown filling in. The exception on the Walker River is the Caddis which starts moving this time of the season as well. If the flows come up the thing to do is pull out the Streamer box and have some fun with big flies and my favorite color is white on the Walker and Olive on the Little Truckee. Stick your rod tip on the bottom and pull your streamers up current with an erratic strip and hang on for the big fish! This is not a bad time of year to hook into that fish of a lifetime on either of these rivers and more than likely you will be able to do that with a streamer if hunting the big fish is what you like to do.

Another great spot to get a big fish is Indian Creek reservoir, Indian Creek has some Huge Fish in it and on occasion they will eat a small fly presented with just the right presentation. Blood Midges are my favorite in the month of May but don’t discount the Damsel Nymph or the Calibaetis as well. Look for fish rising in the evenings or on calm days eating the Blood Midge on the surface. A Damsel Nymph with a Blood Midge Dropper will work just under the surface with an intermediate sinking fly line as well!

If you have kids and would like to teach them how to fish, try fishing at Sawmill Pond here in the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. Sawmill Pond is a kids only fishery that is stocked with some pretty good sized trout and is for kids 14 years and younger. Adults can help their children but can not fish themselves. An example of an adult fishing is when the adult casts the line three times or more or when the kids are off catching pollywogs and the adult continues to fish! The kids fishing experience is meant to teach the kids to fish not to fish for the kids. The pond is great for teaching a youngster to fly fish as well. Try putting a Pheasant Tail Nymph or a Lightning Bug under an indicator and have the kids roll cast off of the West end of the pond. A slow strip will help keep the line taught and will make it a lot easier for the kids to hook the fish! Keep the rod tip down!

These truly are just a few of the fisheries that are available this time of year and for further information on these fisheries or any others in our area, stop by the shop or give us a call and we will make sure you get the information you need for a great day on the water as well as the equipment you need for success! Our guides are available 7 days a week and can teach you all of their techniques or just get you into fish. 530-541-8208 and we are located at 2705 Lake Tahoe Blvd next to Midas Mufflers mid-town South Lake Tahoe.

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