When winter storm systems are rolling through the Tahoe area it’s time to head down to the East Walker river and go fishing.This week I spent four days fishing and guiding on this great fishery.With good hatches of midges and baetis we were able to land fish on dries,nymphs,and streamers.On the brighter days nymph fishing was the way to go and on the cloudy days fishing dry flies produced great results.On my first guide trip of the week I was fishing with Hugo and Pierre from Quebec, we had an excellent day of fishing.Pierre was on his first fly fishing trip and was a quick learning student, landing a couple of fish in the first hour of our trip to get things going.Hugo was more experienced than his friend and was also into fish in short time.We caught a nice mix of browns and rainbows with the larger fish in the 18″ to 20″ range.When properly dressed for cold winter weather, biting fish, great clients and lots of nice fish to the net.On the next  two days I fished with George and Christine from New York city, friends of Hugo and Pierre, also here for a buiness meeting.George and Christine have learned to fly fish together over the past five years or so.Do to there busy professional schedules they take advantage of guided fishing trips when they can,I must say you could tell by the way they fished.We spent two great days of fishing and enjoying what the weather and river gave us.As a guide, the combination of good clients and fishing coming together, I could not have had it any better for three great days. Thank you Hugo,Pierre,George and Christine come and fish with us again.The mentioned anglers used midge and baetis dries and nymphs to catch and release some 50 to 60 fish in three days .Also thanks to my friend Scott Freeman from Walker River Outfitters for some good information .So all I have to say LETS GO FISHING!Take a guide trip with us at TFFO!

Peter Santley

Guide TFFO.