East Walker Kite Surfing

If it was wide enough and you were good enough, it could have been done yesterday. As I drove through Bridgeport on the way to the river, there was alkali dust blowing across 395 that looked like a snow blizzard. I thought I was pretty much screwed in regards to fishing as I was hoping to throw dry flies. As I drove by Bridgeport Reservoir, I thought, “what a great day for kite surfing!” The fishing was actually great. Half of my casts didn’t go anywhere I intended but the fish were looking up and eating dry flies. The fishing was solid from noon to 7 (this is when the sun went down, the breezes off the snow capped Sierras dropped 20 degrees in temp and wet wading suddenly became a bad idea) and I left as I could not feel my fingers. Standing in the river at that point was actually warmer than out in the wind. The fish ate all small flies 18s to 22s. I only say 2 caddis adults all day. They have to be ready to pop any day. The wind was ridiculous but the fish didn’t care. For the first time in three months I was able to look up and downstream and not see anyone for most of the day. The pictures are of gently released fish who were kind enough to stick around while I dug out the camera.