Winter fishing on the East Walker River can be rewarding.Fishing with dries or nymphs can be very productive,with mostly midges on the menu.Low winter flows require lightly weighted or no weight on nymph rigs and small tippets on dry flies.With cold nights best fishing has been from late morning into the middle of the afternoon.As we get into February we should start seeing increased hatches of midges and blue wing olive mayflies.Streamers can be effective at times in deeper runs but slow your presentation down.Late winter on the East Walker has been some of my best guide trips of the season the last few years.I am looking forward to another good season on the East Walker and hope you can join us on the river soon.Hungry browns and rainbows will be active on warmer days.
GUIDE TRIPS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR LONG! Get a hold of us at (530)541-8208 or e-mail info@tahoeflyfishing.com. Shop hours 10 TO 5 closed Sunday and Weds.

Good fishing,
Peter TFFO