I ran my first guide trip of the new year on Friday the 14th on the East Walker.We had action on both dries and nymphs in various midge patterns and some baetis nymphs.The flows were low at 33cfs with water temp in the low forties.The best action was late morning into early afternoon with some rising fish.Our catch that Glen and Cynthia put together was a mix of fat rainbows and browns.They was snow around the river and morning temps in the twenties and up to the mid forties in the afternoon very pleasant for winter fishing.With beautiful scenery to go along with good fishing on 14″ to 18″ biting trrout who could ask for more.There is fishing and the river is currently free of ice in both California and Nevada.Don’t sit around BOOK A TRIP NOW with one of our guides.

Good fishing,
Peter Santley guide TFFO