Fishing Report for The East Carson River and West Carson River, The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area still waters. Updated July 31st, 2011

Fishing Report for the West and East Walker Rivers, West and East Carson Rivers, The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, and many Tahoe area still waters. Updated July 31st, 2011

We offer guided fly fishing year round on the Carson, Truckee and Walker Rivers.  Caples, Red Lake, Spooner Lake, Indian Creek Reservoir and Boca Reservoir as well.

East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 700+ cfs.

Above Hangman’s Bridge – The flows are really coming down and the clarity is improving with about 2 + feet of visibility.  Streamer Fishing and Big Nymphs for a while longer with access still being difficult.  So close but looking for the magical 600 CFS for safe wading and clearer conditions.   Fish eddies and the edges for good results but look forward to some great fishing within a week or so!  Rafting is great!

Catch and Release section below Hangman’s Bridge: Definitely fishable but crossing is not exactly safe unless you are an experienced wader with a wading staff.    Full sinking lines with big streamers in the deep holes will take a few fish!  Big Streamers fished deep in the longer holes or Big Stones along the edges.  Caddis should start any day as well as the Bigger Mayflies and Yellow Sallies.

West Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flows are at 150+ cfs.

The West Carson has been stocked. The flows are in good shape and we have started guiding on it over the past few days.  Some dry fly fishing in the evenings but mostly Nymphing in the mornings and through out the day.  Nymphing has been the way to go with Stonefly’s and large attractor patterns. Yellow Sallies, PMD’s and Gray Drakes.  Nymphs- Fox’s Poopah tan 12-16, Stonefly’s size 8-10, Mayfly’s black and olive 10-16, Pheasant Tails 12-16. Streamers-Buggers in olive, white and black, Wool-Head Sculpins, Crystal Buggers, Meat Whistle olive and black.  The pocket water in the canyon is getting better and the upper sections have been good as well.  The meadow has been hammered and needs a bit of a rest…      

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  We have been waiting patiently and the fish are starting to cooperate!                                               

West Walker River Fishing Report– Currently flows are at 1000+ cfs.

Flows are still high but coming down.  Should be great fishing within a week or so with good hatches.  Look for flows to be less than 800 cfs for better opportunities.  Streamers and Big Nymphs if you have to.  The higher sections should be good this week up by the base or even higher.

East Walker River Fishing Report– Flows are 350+ cfs.

The River is in great shape and fishing well!  The flows are perfect for summer fishing and the temperatures are staying fishable until the early afternoon.  As usual, try to quit fishing when the temps hit the upper 60’s.  A Thermometer is a must if you want to protect the fish!  They will still eat above 70 degrees of water temperature but the stress level will kill them.  Small flies are still working the best in the upper sections but as you make your way into Nevada the bugs are getting bigger.  Streamer fishing is tops if you want the chance to get a Bigger fish.  Caddis, Yellow Sallies, Golden Stones and Midges as well as San Juan Worms, Prince Nymphs, Larger Hares Ears for the basics.  Big, Dry and Orange will work on the surface with a dropper!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Our guided trips on the Walker have been top notch with a mixture of Dries and Nymphs.  Well worth a trip if you have been waiting!

Little Truckee River Fishing Report– Flows are 400+ cfs.

Flows are great for summer fishing!  Look for small Stoneflies, Drakes, PMDs and Small Midge Patterns working well this time of year.  Streamer fishing is worth a shot at these flows! Nymphs- Rainbow Warriors in Black and Red sizes 18-20, WD-40′s grey and olive 18-22, Barr’s Emergers 18-20, Wier’s Sprinkle’s 18-20 and don’t forget the San Juan Worm in Tan or Red. Dries- Try Para Adams 18-22, Black Cripples, Beetles, Ants and PMD’s in the Orangey color pallet.  Spinners in the evenings!  Streamers- Olive and Tan Cone-Head Sculpins, Olive and White Buggers, Natural and Pearl Zonkers. 

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Most trips are mixed with fishing on the Truckee part of the day!  Drift boat fishing at the inlet on Boca has been great with numbers of fish!

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report– Flows on the Truckee are below 200 cfs near the town of Truckee, 800+ cfs below Boca Bridge.

Prime conditions for the Truckee right now!  Fish are eating dries as well as Nymphs.  A morning fishery for the most part with the mid-days slowing until evening.  Caddis, Caddis and more Caddis with a few Drakes still hanging around.  PMD’s, Golden Stones and Yellow Sallies as well.  San Juan Worms, Prince Nymphs and Streamers for the Basics.

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report– Flows on the Truckee in Nevada are 700+ cfs

No longer blown out but difficult to fish.  Maybe a couple more weeks to great fishing in Nevada.  If you are a die hard Nevada fan, get on it now for limited success.  Look for flows to get in the 500 cfs range for top conditions.  Some of the guides love this flow level!

Tahoe area Still waters:
Indian Creek Reservoir – Fishing is on! Water Levels are way up, they have stocked big bows and they are on the prowl! Try brown buggers, Damsels and Aggravator Princes with a slow strip. Blood Midges and Calibaetis nymphs under the indicator have been working as well.  Occasional hatch of Calibaetis and the fish get on them for a short period! The weeds are back and float tubing tends to give the best access!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).   

 Pyramid Lake- Closed for the season, can’t wait until next year!

Caples Lake Fishing Report– The Lake is fishing good around Woods Creek as well as the Dam area and the Spillway.  Fish will shut down around 10 am so get out there early!  Buggers, Streamers, Damsel Nymphs, Calibaetis Nymphs and Hares Ear Nymphs.  Look for fish cruising the shoreline.  Boat rentals at Caples Lake Resort make for a great adventure and better access to the back bays. (209) 258-8888

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Red Lake Fishing Report– It is fishing well! San Juan Worms and a Hares Ear Nymph under an indicator work great in the upper part of the lake.  Otherwise Streamers, Buggers, Leeches, Damsels and Aggravators on a sinking line and it fishes best from a float tube.  Shore fishing is OK…  Evenings can produce some fun action on the surface after the wind dies out!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Spooner Lake Fishing Report– Fishing well from float tubes with numerous fish being caught on Leech Patterns, Damsels and Calibaetis.  The weeds are here again which makes for a tough shore fishery.  Tiger Trout up to 17 inches and bigger are the attraction to this still water as well as Rainbows and Cutthroat!  This will start to slow as the temperatures rise!  Big Browns, on a rare occasion, have been caught.

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Great float tube guided trip.  Good numbers of fish!

Marlette Lake Fishing Report– Just opened and have not received any reports as of yet.  Should fish great and worth the hike!

Blue Lakes Fishing Report– Road opened recently!

No reports as of yet but the fishing should be good due to little pressure so far this season.  The stocking trucks should have been there to help out the numbers!

Silver Lake fishing report– Same bugs as Caples and Red Lake…  Fish the area on the south end of the lake where the creek comes in.  Ants are still around!

We have offered guiding on most of these waters for over 15 years. The shop is fully stocked with all the latest equipment and flies needed to fish the Eastern Sierra and more. Call 530-541-8208 or stop by the shop for more info. We will be updating our fishing report often so check for the most up to date info on fly fishing the Tahoe Region.