Guide School 2012 Day 1

Great start to our guide school….. Students met the guides and each other first time in the morning. Fish tales were told, stories were swapped and everyone was ready to get the week started on a positive note. We were stoked with the marketing presentation by Megan Murray. She exceeded our expectations and gave the students as well as the lead guides some awesome info and direction. I know I learned a ton of useful marketing techniques and strategies.
Then it was off to the West Fork of the Carson for some good old fashion spring conditions fishing. Between the extreme wind gusts, 40 degree water temps and the onslaught of angling pressure from the  recent opening weekend, we did manage to land a few Lahontan  Cutthroat, which was cool.  Moral was high as the crew left the river. More good times to come!!!

Brendan Burnside
Head Guide/ TFFO

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