Indian Creek Rollercoaster Ride

Guide Mike Curtis with a 2 to 3 lbs Rainbow on the Indicator

Have you every have one of those days where it seems like you can’t do anything wrong? Then, come back the next day and it seems like you can’t even buy a fish? Even though “Guides” don’t like to admit it, we still do. I fished Indian Creek for four days over the course of a week and hit every range of emotion that one can. So here is the deal, Indian Creek at times can be on fire and other times the fish will be a lot harder to catch, But still catching fish ranging from 10 inches to fish over 20 inches.

Hatches: Damsels, are alot like the fish, one day they are coming off thick and the next day only a few come off.

   Midges: A few Blood Midges in the morning, and Micro Midges: both morning and evening.

Water Temp’s: 62 – 65 degrees and climbing with climbing Air Temps.

Also stripping a small brown or olive Bugger with a type II or Intermediate sink line has been producing fish. I have been fishing Damsels and Midges under the indicator with the bottom fly 2-4 feet off of the bottom. The fish are hanging around the weed beds looking for the Damsels in the mornings and looking for the Midges in the afternoon. Smaller fish are holding in 3 to 15 feet of water with larger fishing holding on average 8 to 15 feet of water.

Cleve Ferguson with a 4lbs. Rainbow

In the Evening with midges coming out, you can also try midges 1-3 feet under the indicator or a floating line with a 10 to 13 foot leader with a single midge on the end of it and hand twist (also known as the figure 8 retrieve) the midge back to you under the surface film. Like Cleve Ferguson did to catch this nice bow in 12 feet of water.

These fish are fighting so hard that they are completely exhausted by the time they are landed they are very hard to revive even though surface water temps have been 63-65 degrees. I REALLY recommend running 3x tippet to be able to get the fish in quickly and limit the amount of time they are out of the water for photo’s or removing the fly. These fish are great fish and I would like to see them around next year!!  

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“See the Fly, Love the Fly, Eat the Fly!”

Mike Curtis