East Carson Fishing 5/30/08

Hey guys.  Just checking in with an East Carson river report.  We fished it last night and it was on fire.  The fish were actively feeding despite the big flows.  We were very successful fishing with large stones, egg patterns and olive streamers.   All produced fish with in the 12 -14 inch range with 2 fish over 20 inches.  Try to vary your streamer retrieves.  Start by casting up stream and retrieving downstream, then try to swing them in front of the holes you are fishing with a slow upstream presentation.  Both were highly productive.  Keep an eye on the flows.  If it gets too much warmer than the river could quite possibly get back up over 1000 CFS thus making it unfishable again. Let us know how you do and please catch and release.  Good luck everyone!�

TFFO blog open for business

I am really excited to announce that our blog is up and running.  Much thanks to Brian Frias, web guru and friend of the shop, for all his hard work and effort in getting this project completed.  For all of our clients, friends and the fishing public we now have a resource for them to use on a daily basis that will give them information on what’s hot on the local fishing scene.  All of our guides and shop employees are looking forward to posting this information for you.  Also, look forward to updated fishing reports on our website as we now have that capability. 

Special thanks to Scott Freeman, the wizard of the East Walker, for hosting me and fellow guide, Aaron Fox on the Sierine Ranch section of the river.  Scott, in addition to being an unbelievable guide is one great guy to spend some time with.  This strech of private water has an incredible amount of large rainbows and browns.  I can attest to this since I was schooled by at least 2 of these beasts.  I believe everyone should treat themselves to a piece of private water every so often.  Contact the shop for details on our private fisheries.  I would like to remind everyone to please keep our fisheries clean by packing out your trash and picking up what you come across.