Our Guide School and Clinic Instructors

Victor Babbitt

Victor Babbitt Owner of Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Victor purchased his first fly rod at age 7 but unfortunately never had a mentor to teach him how to use it! He did catch a few catfish with it at the Colorado River though! Victor really got into the sport when he moved to Tahoe back in the 80’s and found an old fiberglass rod in the shed of the first house he lived in. A little mentoring from an old shop owner named Wayne Wilkins and the rest is history! Twenty some years later, he still loves the Sierra Nevada Mountains! “The fishing is wonderful and the outdoors cannot be beat.” Living in South Lake Tahoe has been an adventure for Victor and central to many a good fishin’ hole. After spending the past twnety years behind the counter of a fly shop and a few years prior to that behind a bar, he has heard most all the lies he can imagine and a few secrets about fly fishing as well!

There are five watersheds within a few hours drive and he has spent his fair share of time on all of them. The Carson Rivers and the Walker Rivers are his backyard fisheries and it is where he sends most of his clients. His favorite place to guide is on the East Walker River during the winter/spring! So if you have a question about these rivers or if you are in need of a direction to be sent, now is the time to ask him, and you just might learn a secret or two. If there is one thing he enjoys, it’s talking about fishing!

Jarrod Beer

Jarrod guiding for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Jarrod was born in Washington State in 1982 and moved to South Lake Tahoe in 1986. Growing up fishing the local waters in and around Tahoe for the last 20 years has given him a knowledge of these fisheries that is second to none. He is an excellent instructor who is extremely patient and is always happy to teach beginners to the advanced fly fisherman. He has worked at Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters for the last 15 years and this has given him the knowledge of both the area fisheries and the products that you might need. Jarrod also enjoys skiing the mountains in the winter and wakeboarding Lake Tahoe in the summer.

Peter Santley

Peter Santley guiding for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Peter Santley was born and raised on the shores of Southern California. It was there that surfing and fishing became his passions. He became active in the off shore angling scene where he fished for Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado, Marlin, and Swordfish. He competed in many tournaments in that area and Baja. Peter moved to South Lake in 1993 where he traded surfing for skiing and pursued the fishing opportunities in the area. He purchased his first fly rod at this time and has not put it down since. As the Guide Service Manager for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters, Peter is a tremendous resource for both the fishing opportunities and sharing his knowledge of the Sierras. Guiding the Trinity River over the Winter months has become one of Peter’s passions, and many of our other guides take advantage of Peter’s rowing skills on his days off! A day with Peter is filled with fun and the excitement of learning something new.

Keith Kaneko

Keith Kaneko guiding for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Keith is the Sacramento area’s premier fly fishing guide service for Trout, Steelhead, Striped Bass, and Shad on the Lower Yuba, Lower Feather, and Lower American Rivers. Keith will apply and share with you his years of expertise for a complete angling experience. More than just putting you on fish, he can help you hone your angling skills and knowledge with instruction in casting, presentation, and other valuable tips and techniques. Most importantly, a day on the river with Keith will be had with good times and memories. Fish On!

Brendan Burnside

Brendan Burnside guiding for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Brendan grew up in the foothills of the western sierra fishing for anything and everything that swims. His earliest memories go back to salmon fishing with his grandfather over 30 years ago. While in his teens, he taught himself how to cast a fly rod and to fish the rivers and streams he now guides daily. 20+ years later Brendan is the head guide for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters and loves every minute of it. “Whether teaching a first-timer the basics of the cast or a long-time veteran of the sport new techniques, I still get fired up when I see that look on my clients face and that huge smile from ear to ear when the rod is bent. It just never gets old…”

When Brendan is not guiding, he is usually on the water chasing trophy trout and honing his skills all over the eastern sierra and beyond with his guide dogs “Hatch” and “Woody”. His other passion, or addiction, depending upon how you look at it, is saltwater fly fishing. Brendan has fished all over the world chasing all types of saltwater game fish. He hosts an annual trip to Belize for Permit, Bones and Tarpon. “Permit fishing is my all time favorite. When I’m on the flats hunting for big, smart, spooky Permit I’m in heaven! It’s my favorite type of fly fishing for sure. Once you get out and try it, you’ll be hooked!”

In the winter months, Brendan is the CA/NV Territory business manager for Stockli skis. There’s a very good chance you’ll see him in the line up on powder days at Kirkwood. If he’s not skiing pow, then he’s probably fishing for Steelhead somewhere on the coastal rivers of the west.

Jaime Lyle

Jaime Lyle

Jamie Lyle is the Sage, Redington, and Rio sales representative in California. He has fished around the world for a wide variety of species in both fresh and salt water and is a great resource for information on tackle and techniques. Additionally, he is a certified FFF Master Casting Instructor and the former National School Director for the Sage Rod Company.

Rick McGuire

Rick McGuire

Rick began his fly fishing career twenty years ago after seeing “A River Runs Through It”. The movie inspired him to move to Montana where he could be in the heart of the sport. A former guide for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters he continues to do some instructional clinics for the shop. Rick also taught fly fishing classes at Lake Tahoe Community College. He works full time at Heavenly Mountain Resort as a ski patroller and summer medic. When he is not fishing he is tirelessly working on his golf swing.

Michelle Santos

Michelle Santos is a Marketing Manager for Belfor Property Restoration. She has been in the Marketing/ Advertising/ Sales world for the past 16 years. She currently resides in South Lake Tahoe. She has worked in everything from Media to Hospitality to the Restoration business ranging in everything from Advertising sales to Marketing Director. She has dealt with media buying, marketing strategies, event marketing, branding, online media, trade shows, etc. Michelle has a special emphasis in branding and image.

Bill Lowe - In Memoriam

Bill Lowe

Thank you Bill Lowe for all you did for our Guide School. You are missed.