Fly Fishing Report for The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, The East Carson River and West Carson River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area still waters. Updated December 4th, 2011




Fishing Report for the East and West Walker Rivers, The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, West and East Carson Rivers, and many Tahoe area still waters. Updated December 4, 2011

We offer guided fly fishing year round on the Carson, Truckee and Walker Rivers.  Caples, Red Lake, Spooner Lake, Indian Creek Reservoir and Boca Reservoir as well.

East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 80+ cfs.

Now closed above Hangman’s Bridge until April 2012!

The Catch and Release section below Hangman’s Bridge: Open all year!  It will take a special effort to get fish in this section over the next few months.  As the temperatures come up in March, the fishing can get good again between stormy days and run-off days.  The fish are there but really lethargic and you will have to put the fly on their nose for them to eat.  Midges and Baetis if you have to!  The Nevada sections tend to fish the best during the winter months and on occasion NDOW stocks fish in the lower river and below the Broken Dam.  If they do, it can be fun to stick a few fish and keep the cobwebs off your cast!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  We do not do a bunch of guided trips on this river during the winter months but on occasion it can be worth it!

West Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flows are at 20+ cfs.

Done for the season!  Looking forward to next year!

West Walker River Fishing Report– Currently flows are at 50+ cfs.

California is closed.

The Nevada sections can be fun and stay open all year.  Try the Hoye Canyon section above Wellington or the Wilson Canyon section below SmithValley.  Look for warmer, cloudy days for a good Baetis hatch!  Another fun winter fishery is the Tube below Topaz Lake which can hold some pretty nice fish as well as stockers from NDOW.

There is a pay to play section at the Walker River Resort that can be a lot of fun during the winter!

East Walker River Fishing Report– Flows are 25+ cfs.

CA section… Sunny days as of late have turned the fishing back on.  Temperatures rise and the bugs come off.  Midday fishing is the best!  Small bugs are the answer and should stay that way most of the winter.  Try 20’s and 22’s in your favorite Midge pattern or Baetis pattern!

Nevada sections are fishing a bit better than California but stick to the same bugs.  I have seen Baetis hatches at this time of year that were as good as any other time of the year with numerous fish up eating them.  Look for the warmer days with cloud cover for best results.  With the lower flows, access is much improved!


Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Not the best time of the year for a guided trip on the Walker but the fishing can go off if you have the need to get out for a bit of fishing!

Little Truckee River Fishing Report– Flows are 80+ cfs.

At least the crowds are finally down and the fish are getting a bit of a break. As long as you can get up the road, the fishing should be worth the effort.  Look for risers in the middle of the day but don’t count on a ton of them.  The fish are still up and they still have to eat!  Baetis and Midges in small sizes under the surface as well as on top!  San Juan Worms and Egg Patterns as well.

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).   Please leave the spawning fish alone, give them a chance to do their thing!

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report– Flows on the Truckee are below 60 cfs near the town of  Truckee and 400+ cfs below Boca Bridge.

Closed above the 267 Bridge.  The year round section is still fishing but tough.  The water is cold and the fish are lethargic but still have to eat.  Put it on their head and they will probably open their mouths but it will take an excellent angler to get a few fish!  Try Baetis or Midges and possibly an Egg pattern or San Juan Worm.  It is going to get tougher as we start getting more storms in the near future!  The lower you go towards Nevada the better the opportunity will be.

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report– Flows on the Truckee in Nevada are 400+ cfs

Flows are great for this time of the year and actually a little on the high side!  Look for the cloudy days for filled in Baetis hatches especially below Reno.  Nymphing will be best but the dries have produced a few fish as well.  Nymphs: Stoneflies 8-12, Mayfly patterns 16-20, Flashback PT’s 16-20. Dry Flies: Parachute Adams 14-18 and Blue Duns 18-20. Streamer action is picking up and is your best shot at one the Nevada Toads!, Streamers-Buggers in olive, white and black, Wool-Head Sculpin, Crystal Buggers, Meat Whistle olive and black, and of course the Crawdad!!!

Great flows for floating!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Learn it and Love it!

Tahoe area Still waters:

Indian Creek Reservoir – Looks like the fishing will be done for a bit or until it thaws anyway!   When it does there will be plenty of fish and they should be on the Blood Midges…

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Caples Lake –  Ice Fishing soon…

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Guided Ice Fishing trips starting in late December!

Pyramid Lake- Looking for bait balls seems to be the ticket with reports of fish feeding around the edges!  Find the bait balls and the fishing should be good but if you don’t, don’t expect much yet.

Red Lake Fishing Report–  Ice fishing soon!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  When the lake freezes, the Ice Fishing should be good this year!

Spooner Lake Fishing Report– Ice fishing soon!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208). 

Marlette Lake Fishing Report– Closed until next year!

Blue Lakes Fishing Report– Done for the year.  Let’s hope we can get up there earlier next year!

Silver Lake fishing report–  When it freezes the Ice Fishing should be fun!

We have offered guiding on most of these waters for over 15 years. The shop is fully stocked with all the latest equipment and flies needed to fish the Eastern Sierra and more. Call 530-541-8208 or stop by the shop for more info. We will be updating our fishing report often so check for the most up to date reports!


Thanks for reading and get out and fish!


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