East Walker, Nevada 6-3-08

Another nice Brown at Red Wash, 07Average Brown, Red Wash, Nevada 07

Couple of photos from last year down at Red Wash!

East Walker River, Nevada 6-3-08

Had a great day on the Walker with one of my new guides!  Got a late start and did not get to the river until afternoon and the fishing was on from the moment we got there and slowed down around 5 pm.  Lots of stockers?  Don’t know how they got there, but every hole had numerous fish.  It was a numbers day with no big fish…  I don’t know if they were stocked at the Elbow and migrated up stream or if NDOW put them in right at Red Wash (the gate was down and vehicles had been driving past and maybe a stocking truck?) anyway, only a couple of wild fish were caught.  No dries, just emergers (Caddis) and a lot of wind.  If it is all about getting someone into numerous fish, go to the Elbow area or fish Red Wash.  We did not see another angler which is one of the bonuses for fishing Nevada instead of California this time of the year!  No photos today but I will post a few from last year just for fun!  The fishing is good, get out and fish!  Call the shop for a more detailed report.  877-541-8208

Victor Babbitt  Owner/Guide Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters