Fly Fishing Puerto Vallarta with Capt. Chuy Cruz

Here we are again!  Blue Water Fly Fishing, outside of PV, with Chuy has once again been quite successful.  Some fish caught with a fly and others with conventional techniques.  The highlight was a fly caught Skip Jack that made for some of the best Sashimi I have had in years!  There is nothing like catching it, putting it on ice and eating it in the same day!!!  Tonight we will BBQ, over mesquite, the other fish we captured which consisted of Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners and for the first time, a Needle fish?  I know the Spanish Mackerel will be great and I had the Blue Runner last year and it was good, but the Needle fish? I just do not know?  Any way, if you are ever in PV and would like to get out with a fly fishing guide as well as a conventional guide, Chuy has been wonderful as a guide for the past three years!  Give me a call at the shop if you would like further information on how to contact Chuy!  Can’t beat the sun here in Puerto Vallarta, the food is great and the beer is cold!!!


Victor Babbitt

TFFO Guide/Owner