Springtime on the East Walker means frequent flow adjustments.Go with the flow!The fish become more resilient to these adjustments,fish through the change .The fish seem to bite again after an hour or so.If there is a big rise in flows move up stream closer to the dam.Fishing has been good with midges in morning and baetis in the afternoon.Dry dropper rigs with an attractor dry and black micro mayfly size #18 and a size #20 chocolate sprinkle has worked well.Mike Wiers sprinkles are great to have in your box in different sizes and colors.Other flies that have been working zebra midges,wd 50s,rock worm caddis, red midge patterns #18 and #20.Streamers in yellow and white.Dry flies in bwo patterns #18 and #20, parachute adams,blue dunns.In Nevada golden stone flies #8 and #10 also skwalla nymphs and dries,san juans,baetis,micro mays and midges.Fishing in Nevada should pick up with a stretch of warmer weather.This is a good time to book a guide trip on the Scierine Ranch private water limited to four rods a day.The per rod fee this year is $90 for full day and $60 for half day.Our guides are ready to put you on fish and teach you how to rig and catch them.Get out and go fishing.
Peter guide TFFO

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