Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt April, 2010!

Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt 4-10-2010

as seen in the Lake Tahoe Entertainer…

Sun, sun, sun then snow, snow, snow!  Welcome to a fairly normal Spring…  Just when you think Summer is kind of here and the fishing has been great we find ourselves right in the middle of Winter again!  Not that the fishing gets worse it’s just that the comfort level gets down right horrid at times.  Actually the fishing tends to get better in these conditions, on cloudy days they eat dries and on sunny days they eat nymphs and sometimes they eat both and everyone is happy in fishing land.  Personally I prefer the sunny days when they eat dries and luckily we have had a few of those during the last month and I am sure it will continue into the month of April as well!

Have you caught a big fish on a tiny fly lately or maybe a big fish on a BIG FLY?  There are two times a year when this tends to happen right now and in the Fall.  BIG Stones, little Baetis, little Midges and the Caddis are on there way as well.  So get out and fish it while the going is good and enjoy some of the best fishing of the year.  If you are into moving water you need to fish one of these two rivers, The Little Truckee River or The East Walker River both being tailwater fisheries which means they are controlled flows and not as effected by the runoff and tend to fish incredibly well during the month of April.  The East Walker River has about 15-20 miles of good fishing with some of the best just bellow the Dam at Bridgeport Reservoir as well as in the Nevada sections called the Rosachi Ranch.  If you really want to try something a bit out of the way, head for the Elbow section about ten miles below the Nevada State Line.  The Elbow is stocked on occasion and sees far fewer flies then the previously mentioned sections and can be incredible when fished with Dry Dropper set ups with a Stimi on top and a Baetis Nymph below.  Don’t be fooled by the regulations that allow fish to be kept, the same fish that we catch in California swim through this section as well and rarely get fished this time of year.

The Little Truckee should have lots of fish this year with the flows fairly high this spring which allows for a bunch of fish to come into the system.  Most of the fish are a pretty good size and have already been eating quite well.  Expect to see a fair amount of pressure on the two miles of water between Boca and Stampede but if you pick the right kind of day to fish this section the crowds tend to be lighter.  My favorite days are when the clouds roll in and it is snowing or raining which tends to keep most anglers off the water.  The dry fly fishing also excels on these kinds of days and keeps the Baetis popping as well as the Midges!  Watch for Redds and try not to disturb them if at all possible.

My favorite Springtime Stillwater is Indian Creek Reservoir!  The Blood Midges are back and the fish are eating them off of the surface whenever the winds are down.  If you like fishing from a tube, fish a Krystal Bugger with a Blood Midge Dropper on a full sink line, stripping slowly which can produce an incredible strike and on occasion the fish will eat the flies on the sink too.  Hang on, there are some really big fish in this lake again this year and I have heard of more than a few anglers that have lost rods by not paying enough attention while trolling from a boat or a float tube!

These are just a few of the wonderful places we fish this time of the year and if you were to draw a 2 hour circle around the South Shore area of Tahoe you would find hundreds of fisheries that are all fun and even some that you won’t see another angler fishing!  For more information on these fisheries or any others in our area, stop by the shop for a detailed map and a helpful hand at getting you into fish, if you are not having fun fishing we are not doing our job!  Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters located on Highway 50 next to Midas Mufflers and just 3.5 miles from the Casinos.  Guide service available 365 days a year!