Indian Creek Hotties

I know, wouldn’t it be great if Indian Creek had a nice beach with a bunch of hotties in ‘kinis?!? lnstead, the rainbows are hot right now. They are shaking their heads fiercely, so be ready for a fight. Between the weeds and the strong fish, landing the bigger fish is tough. They will eat on 4x so definitely use it. Try 3x to your first fly and 4x to the dropper. If your strike numbers dwindle, go 4x to 4x dropper. 5x just isn’t holding the fish. The damsel hatch is great from roughly 9am-1pm. Fishing is tough after that for a few hours. It’s like trying to feed a slender person after they’ve been to the buffet. We caught a small chub yesterday. I don’t know where they came from, but it is a first in Indian Creek. I threw on a white woolly bugger after that and it worked too. It shows up nicely for those fish cruising down deeper. Find slots in the weeds and fish them. Have fun.