Summer is Heating Up in Tahoe and so are Water Temperatures

Summer in Tahoe means fishing time! The weather has been great for the summer as it usually is, and with a bunch of sunshine in the forecast we are still enjoying the great outdoors. We are also seeing highs in the 90 range which isn’t anything out of normal, but that combined with a low snow pack has our waters warming up throughout the day. We always recommend carrying a stream thermometer for bug activity but we also advise everyone to take temps as you are fishing to best protect our wild trout population. If you see reading of 65 degrees or higher then it is time to call it a day. Some rivers have been more susceptible to water temp changes like the Truckee and East Walker so take a bit more caution. Fish early in the morning and get off the water by noon to help avoid any issues with fish mortality.

Not all of our rivers have been impacted by the warm temps as others. The West Walker, East Carson and West Carson Rivers have help good temps longer than others. They can still get a little warm so bring the thermometer and check if you don’t know.

Our bigger lakes like Caples Lake, Echo Lakes, and Spooner Lake have still been fishing well. The fish seem to be moving down to cooler water during the day but can still be caught from shore early in the morning and late in the evening. Float tubes or small water crafts are your best bet if you want to be most affective on any of our lakes. Good time of year to take a hike into desolation and enjoy a little solitude.

We have seen good PMD and Caddis hatches about everyday on all of our waters. Golden stones are starting to move around and fish have noticed. Midges are an everyday occurrence as always in the Sierras. Make sure you have plenty of selection for flies as the hatches have been thinning and the fish tend to key in a bit more on one food source.

We have seen more fish moving into fast water so tightening or Euro nymphing has been an effective way to get your flies down to the fish, but don’t neglect the hopper/dropper setup either. We have seen some fish moving for hoppers as well as eating the nymph.

Stop by the shop and pick our brains if you are planning on fishing soon! We will be glad to show you our favorite flies and talk about opportunities in our area.