Tahoe Area Fishing Report. July 4th, 2010

East Carson River- Currently flowing at about 800 cfs. Conditions are improving quickly on the East Carson. The river is fishable but wading is not recommended. At this flow try nymphing with a lot of weight using stones, caddis and san juan worms. Fishing streamers on a heavy sink tip or full sink line can be very effective at high water. Flies to try Nymphs- Mercers poxyback golden stones and black stones  6-10, Wiers Caddis lime and tan  14 and 16, Fox’s poopah tan 12-16, copper johns 12-16, pheasent tails 12-14, little yellow stonefly nymphs 14-16. Streamers- buggers in olive in black, woolhead sculpins, crystal buggers, meat whistle olive and black.  Dries-yellow stimulators 6-16, ec caddis 14-18, tan elk hair caddis 14-16, parachute adams 14-18, henry’s fork yellow sally 14-16.  Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

West Carson River- Currently at 140 cfs and is fishing well. Try nymphing with size 6-8 golden stones, size 14-16 Pt’s, 14-16 fox’s poopah, 14-16 copper johns, 14-16 hares ears, Wier’s caddis tan 14-16 and San Juan worms in natural and red. Large olive and black buggers can be effective at this flow. For dries try ec caddis 14-18, parachute adams 14-18, hackle stacker pmd’s 16-18, and little yellow stones 14-16. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

West Walker River–  Currently running at around 1000 cfs. This is pretty high for the West Walker. Look for flows to drop below 600 for decent fishing and even lower for wade-able conditions. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

East Walker RiverFlows are at 265 and Fishing has been good. Nymphing is still producing lots of fish and there has been some good dry fly action through out the day and in the evenings. Streamers have also been producing some bigger fish. Nymphs- Wiers Caddis 14-16, Fox’s poopaholive and tan 14 -18, Wiers sprinkles in chocolate and vanilla 18-20, tailwater tiny’s in olive and black 18-20, red and black zebra midges in 18-20, PT’s 16-20. Dries- EC caddis 14-18, parachute adams 16-20, elk hair caddis 14-18.  Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Little Truckee River– Flows around 41 cfs and a lot of pressure. There are a lot of anglers on the water this time of year so be patient and courteous while fishing the LT. The flows are low and clear so approach the river slowly and be stealthy. Nymphing has been effective with size 18-22 wd-40’s, zebra midges, baetis and pmd patterns. San Juan’s have also been effective. For dries size 16-20 blue duns, hackle stacker pmds and parachute adams have been working well. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Truckee River– Flows on the Truckee are 176 cfs in the town of Truckee and 698 cfs below Boca bridge. The Truckee has been fishing well above Prosser Creek. Nymphing has been the most effective method on the Truckee but we have been seeing some fish rising mid day and in the evenings. Streamers on a sink tip has also been working. Nymphs- golden stones 6-12, Wiers caddis tan 14-16, Fox’s Poopah olive and tan 14-18, pheasant tails 16-20, Wiers sprinkles 18-20, prince nymphs 14-18. Dries-  EC caddis 14-18, parachute adams 14-18, Green Drake, yellow stones 14-16, ants and beetles. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).


Tahoe area Still waters

Indian Creek Reservoir– Fishing Well. Try damsels just under the surface on a floating line. Buggers in white, olive and black have been effective. One of my favorite setups is to troll an olive woolly bugger with a prince nymph trailer while float tubing to find fish. Look for some fish rising to terrestrials like ants and beetles throughout the day and try blood midges under an indicator in the evenings. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Caples- Fishing well try streamers and terrestrial from the shore. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Red Lake– Fishing well  try olive and black buggers from shore. Blood midges under an indicator in the evening. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Marlette Lake– Opens July 15th for CATCH AND RELEASE FISHING ONLY.

Spooner Lake– Starting to fish well. Try Rickards seal buggers and small woolly buggers. Aggravator princes and hares ears size 12 -16 have been effective trailed behind a small streamer. Caddis 14-16 have been working on the surface in the evenings. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Blue Lakes– .

Silver Lake– Fishing well. Try natural zonkers, black and olive buggers from the float tube or shore. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Sawmill Pond- For kids 14 and under only. Adults can help kids to fish but cannot fish on their own. This is one of only a few ponds in the state of California dedicated to young anglers. It will be stocked throughout the summer. Various nymphs under a bobber and streamers work great here fished with a casting bobber for catch and release fishing. For bait try power bait and worms.

We offer guiding on most of these waters. The shop is fully stocked with all the latest equipment and flies needed to fish the Eastern Sierra and more. Call 530-541-8208 or stop by the shop for more info. We will be updating our fishing report weekly so check back for the most up to date info on fishing the Tahoe Region.

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