Truckee River

I enjoyed a great morning with two great kids, Oren and Chris of Orinda, Ca, yesterday. They both did great and had a great time. Each landed two nicely sized rainbows and had others on for quick releases. The water is freezing, wear a layer underneath the waders. Both took a swim so we did some wardrobe changing mid-morning. The flows are right at fishable, the water is clear. We took wading staffs which helped tremendously. Caddis and drake immitations were the nymph choices of the day. It has to go deep and have a lot of weight so 5 weights or a light six are the tools needed. We were upstream from Glenshire and somehow avoided the typical dog park scenario with the tennis ball getting confused with your strike indicator as the giant yellow lab chasing it swims through your drift, so that was an added bonus. Be extremely careful, more than a minute in these water temps and it is going to get ugly. Have fun out there. Be ready for crowds, as the Truckee is going to start looking like a Cabela’s demo day here pretty soon.

Corey Funk

Guide/Instructor Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters