What is Fly Fishing Guide School?

Maybe you know someone who’s a guide or maybe you don’t. There are plenty of those who have been around fly fishing long enough to see a guided trip in progress, meet someone who is a guide, been on a guided trip before, or maybe you haven’t. Do you know what goes into a guided fly fishing trip?

Our week long guide school answers those questions. We help you expedite the process by teaching our students what goes into a properly ran guide trip. We cover casting technique, rigging/knots, entomology, customer service, marketing, risk management and much more.

The instructors this year include Brendan Burnside, Matt Heron, Jarrod Beer, Dan Ring and more! If you know these guys, you know they have spent many days on the water. These are top professionals sharing their wealth of knowledge and experiences. Come join us May 3rd-8th and share the excitement for the sport we love!

Call us at the shop during business hours at (530)541-8208 or Victor at (530) 545-0193. You can also email us at info@tahoeflyfishing.com

Announcing the Annual Tahoe/Truckee Area Guide School for 2021

We at Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters are proud to announce our 11th annual 2020 Tahoe area fly fishing guide school! It will be May 3rd-8th this year.  That is 6 consecutive days with 2 additional shadow days of your scheduling.  We had an awesome turnout last year and are looking forward to another one.

We will be covering everything from casting, instructing others, risk management, marketing, opportunities locally and beyond, entomology, a day rowing drift boats/rafts, and much more!  Rick McGuire designed this School to teach all methods of guiding, particularly Walk/Wade Guiding. 

Added Days to Guide School

Our guide school will be 6 consecutive days of instruction/education spent mostly on the water. We have added days of shadowing a guide from our school or guide from Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters.  This is an 8 day Fly Fishing Guide School course with our finishing school being the 2 shadow days later in our guide season.  This years Fly Fishing Guide School is $1600.00.

Please call for further information:

Rob Baldwin at (276)525-5631 or email rob@tahoeflyfishing.com

Victor Babbitt at (530)545-0193 or email victor@tahoeflyfishing.com

Contact us with any questions or if you would like to reserve your spot 

Summer is Heating Up in Tahoe and so are Water Temperatures

Summer in Tahoe means fishing time! The weather has been great for the summer as it usually is, and with a bunch of sunshine in the forecast we are still enjoying the great outdoors. We are also seeing highs in the 90 range which isn’t anything out of normal, but that combined with a low snow pack has our waters warming up throughout the day. We always recommend carrying a stream thermometer for bug activity but we also advise everyone to take temps as you are fishing to best protect our wild trout population. If you see reading of 65 degrees or higher then it is time to call it a day. Some rivers have been more susceptible to water temp changes like the Truckee and East Walker so take a bit more caution. Fish early in the morning and get off the water by noon to help avoid any issues with fish mortality.

Not all of our rivers have been impacted by the warm temps as others. The West Walker, East Carson and West Carson Rivers have help good temps longer than others. They can still get a little warm so bring the thermometer and check if you don’t know.

Our bigger lakes like Caples Lake, Echo Lakes, and Spooner Lake have still been fishing well. The fish seem to be moving down to cooler water during the day but can still be caught from shore early in the morning and late in the evening. Float tubes or small water crafts are your best bet if you want to be most affective on any of our lakes. Good time of year to take a hike into desolation and enjoy a little solitude.

We have seen good PMD and Caddis hatches about everyday on all of our waters. Golden stones are starting to move around and fish have noticed. Midges are an everyday occurrence as always in the Sierras. Make sure you have plenty of selection for flies as the hatches have been thinning and the fish tend to key in a bit more on one food source.

We have seen more fish moving into fast water so tightening or Euro nymphing has been an effective way to get your flies down to the fish, but don’t neglect the hopper/dropper setup either. We have seen some fish moving for hoppers as well as eating the nymph.

Stop by the shop and pick our brains if you are planning on fishing soon! We will be glad to show you our favorite flies and talk about opportunities in our area.

Tahoe Truckee Area Guide School 2020 Quickly Approaching

Our Tahoe/Truckee Area Guide School is coming up quickly, June 22nd-27th, with just over a week until we kick off the week. We have a great group of instructors, students, and our water looks great! We also have a couple spots that opened up recently. Want to come join us?

Do you enjoy spending your time outdoors? Sharing your passion and knowledge with others? Considered becoming a full fly fishing guide, a summer job opportunity, or just want to volunteer in the future? At whatever level of involvement, why not be prepared? Did we mention our school is fun!

Our school covers fishing techniques and strategies, conservation, casting, etiquette, entomology, and much more. Your job as a guide is to share your knowledge and love of the sport. We want to help prepare you for that journey!

If you have any questions then give us a call at the shop during business hours at (530)541-8208 or email us at info@tahoeflyfishing.com.

Sawmill Lake Fly Fishing

Sawmill Brown

Sawmill Lake Fly Fishing is now open for business! Let’s go fishing, book a guide or a session on Sawmill Lake Fly Fishing. Our Fly Shop Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters is also open for business as of the 8th of May, 2020. Now booking Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Truckee River and the East Walker River.

Introduction to Euro Nymphing

Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters and head guide Steve Johnson with guide Jason Shaw would like to invite you to join us for a day of introduction to euro nymphing on the Truckee River. This clinic will focus on equipment, rigging, fly selection and reading water. This will be a 5-6 hour clinic. There will be 6 spots available. $150 per person with lunches included. *You will receive a coupon for $75 towards the purchase of a full setup from Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. Email or call us for more details.

Email: info@tahoeflyfishing.com

Phone: 530-541-8208

Reasons to Attend the 2020 Tahoe/Truckee Area Guide School

There are the obvious reasons for attending our guide school. Maybe you want to start guiding in California, Nevada, Alaska, etc. immediately. Maybe you would like an excuse to get on the water and have the option to guide one day. You may see yourself helping veterans with disabilities, children less fortunate, or other great organizations one day. Whether you have fished for more years than you would like to admit, or you are relatively new to the sport, it the passion to share it with others is what brings us together. Our guide school provides a week of instruction, marketing, education, and camaraderie. The friendships you develop over the week with the instructors and fellow students are those that can last a lifetime.

We are less than 3 months until our 10th consecutive annual fly fishing guide school with a host of great local instructors. We are excited to meet another great group anglers, and hope you can join us this spring! May 11-16th. Call the shop at (530)541-8208 or Rob at (276)525-5631 for any questions or to reserve your spot today!

Turneffe Flats Permit

Turneffe Flats – Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Part 2 – Fishing at Turneffe Flats 

This is the second installment of our blog from my recent trip to Turneffe Flats Resort. You can read the fist part here. We are hosting a Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters trip there on October 24-31, 2020. You can see tahoeflyfishing.com/travel-trips for more trip details or tflats.com for more resort details. 

My saltwater fly fishing to date has been primarily for bonefish in the Bahamas. Our trip to Belize gave us the chance at permit, as well as bones. We were not there during peak tarpon season but there are resident tarpon that reside around the atoll year round so we hoped to also get a few shots at those elusive species. Over the course of 6 days of fishing we were pleasantly surprised at the number of fish we saw within legitimate casting range. 

Picky Permit 

Turneffe Flats is world famous for permit fishing and this was the species we came primarily to target. Permit are notoriously picky eaters and some of the most difficult fish to catch on a fly. Many people can go years before actually catching a permit. Getting a legitimate shot at a permit is half the battle. 

On our first morning of fishing, also my wife’s birthday, we were getting ready to fish when a school of permit appeared in the distance. After some quick coaching, rushing and fumbling to get everything ready, my wife caught her first permit on the third cast. It seemed way too easy – and it was. We had many more shots at permit over the course of the trip, but that ultimately was the only one landed in the boat. The addiction was fueled, however, and that is what keeps us coming back.

Bones on the Brain

As mentioned, we came to Turneffe Flats to target permit. However, the number of bonefish we had shots at, and caught, was surprising. I had always heard that Belize did not have the number of bones that can be found in the Bahamas. From what I saw, I am not sure I agree. 

On our trip, bones were the “consolation prize” for when we couldn’t find (or catch) permit. We did spend part of a day walking a flat targeting bones and caught a ridiculous number of them. However, most of our time was spent poling in a flats boat. When we saw tails, we would switch rods and catch a few bones. 

The other major difference from the Bahamas is in the size of fly we used. The typical bonefish patterns work in Belize, but the flies need to be smaller – primarily size 6 and 8 flies. This does not mean that the bonefish are smaller than in the Bahamas, just more “dainty” eaters.

For someone new to saltwater fly fishing that wants to start with bonefish, Turneffe Flats offers a great opportunity.

Other Species at Turneffe Flats

While permit and bonefish were our focus, there are other species that can be targeted with a fly rod. We got a few shots at resident tarpon. There are also opportunities for snook, barracuda, triggerfish and other species. It really comes down to how you want to spend your day and if the season is prime (especially for tarpon). If you get there and decide to target a different species than planned, Turneffe Flats has gear you can rent, if needed.

The Saltwater Addiction

For those new to saltwater fly fishing, it is more like hunting than fishing. You can spend hours walking flats or poling in a flats boat looking for fish. Once spotted, it can be a mad rush to get organized, cast and hope the fish eats the fly. It can be very frustrating at times, but, once you hook that first saltwater fish, it becomes a full -fledged addiction and you will spend the entire plane ride home planning the next saltwater fly fishing trip. As we found, Turneffe Flats offers expert anglers through beginners an amazing fishing experience. We hope you come join us for our next hosted trip.


Turneffe Flats permit on the fly
The birthday permit
Hunting for permit
Saltwater fly fishing is more like hunting – sometimes you spend hours looking for fish.
Turneffe Flats bonefish on a fly
We found plenty of bonefish willing to eat small shrimp patterns.
Bonefish hookup
When it all comes together and your rod is bent it just fuels the addiction further.
Turneffe Flats bonefish
The Silver Ghost.