East and West Carson river update

Both the East and West Carson rivers are fishing really well lately. Low water, but hey that’s pretty much everywhere right now. I’ve been sticking to dry flies and my 2 or 3 weight on the West and nymphing, stripping streamers or using a dry dropper set up on the East with a 4 or 5 wt. There are a fair amount of big fish in the East Carson and you might be pleasantly surprised with a solid 16-18″ rainbow in the West. With the Aspens changing its worth the drive even if you don’t catch anything!!

Big fish in the Rivers

In the last 4 days I have netted a lot of 24’+ fish for clients. The colder temps have got the big ones getting ready for Winter. Streamers and nymphs are the go to methods, but a big hopper/stonefly can fool the big boys as well. No need to be out there super early, mid day is still good. Swing by the shop with any questions and get out fishing!!

Truckee River waking up

Feels like Fall out there and the fish seem to be getting ready for it. Great couple days on the Truckee recently, CA and NV side. Nymphing, swinging streamers and an occasional dry are the way to go. Give us a call and we’ll get you on some nice fish.

East and West Carson fishing great

Both the East and West Carson are fishing great right now. Lots of fish in both rivers and finally some fish of real size are being caught( and hopefully released!). Plenty of action on top with stonefly patterns working as well as the usual suspects for this time of the year. Nymphing is the way to go mid day, the fish are still eating with the cooler temps. Swing by, get some flies and go fish!

Truckee River crawfish

Nymphing or stripping a crawfish on the Truckee river has been really effective lately. Like anything else on the Truckee, the key is getting the fly down to the bottom and getting a good drift through the lane. Don’t be shy with the weight and get ready to hook some nice Truckee river browns and rainbows.

Muddy Waters on the East Carson

Letting everybody know the East Carson turned to chocolate milk again. The silt on the river bottom and rocks gets turned up every time we get rain or any water is let into the river. Once it does clear/turn to green water the fishing has been pretty good though. Just be careful wading.

Flyfishing the Little Truckee

The Little Truckee has been fantastic lately. Big fish eating dry flies throughout the day. The fish in the Little Truckee are smart, so go small, present your flies correctly and hold on. It can be fun to fly fish the Truckee River and then move over to the Little Truckee once the water in the Truckee starts warming up as well.

Truckee River flyfishing

The Truckee River in both CA and NV has been fishing well lately. Generally early mornings and evenings are your best bet to fish the ¬†Truckee. ¬† Nymphing under an indicator with a fair amount of weight and a stonefly with a caddis/mayfly dropper has been effective lately. Don’t forget to dead drift and strip crawdads on the Truckee, you might be in for a pleasant surprise!!

Marlette Lake OPEN

As of July 15th, Marlette Lake is open. If you’re looking for something different to do while you’re in the Lake Tahoe area, go check it out. Beautiful hike or bike ride, not a lot of people and some really good flyfishing. Big brookies, cutthroat and rainbow trout are eating dries and nymphs with some good streamer action as well. Dawn and dusk are prime time, like the rest of the Tahoe area right now due to the hot weather. Grab your rods, go for a nice hike and catch some fish in a pristine, backcountry alpine lake.

Hot water in the Sierras/Tahoe/Truckee watersheds

It’s been pretty warm lately here in Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas. With that the water temps in the Truckee, East Carson, West Carson, East Walker and West Walker are getting pretty hot mid day. If you think about it carry a thermometer to check water temps, once its near 68, you should really think about calling it a day. The oxygen level in the water gets low and the trout just can’t recover from the fight at those high temps. So, if you’re out fishing the Tahoe/Truckee/Eastern Sierras this summer please be aware of the temps and let the fish live to fight another day. Thanks.