Late season steelhead fishing on the Trinity River can be a great time.February and March still offer good fishing for steelhead with some brown trout mixed in.We should see longer and warmer days with hatches of mayflies and stoneflies bringing steelhead and browns to the surface on the right day.The river is less crowded and fishes well on many different stretches of the river.Last year I had some of my best fishing in March with some large browns to go with the steelhead we were catching.If you have not been to the Trinity this year it’s not too late!. My two day special of $700.00 for two days of float fishing with rods, flies and lunch included for one or two persons.One day float trips are $400.00 per day. Since last weeks rain fishing has picked up with fresh fish moving into the system.You can call me for available dates at (530) 541-8208 or e-mail to
With good results on recent trips don’t miss it! You may have a chance to get a steelhead on a dry fly. What could be better. We still have Drift,dine and stay packages through Indian Creek Lodge starting at $950.00 for two nights lodging,two days of drift boat fishing and$100.00 dollars in dinner certificates and can be split by two people.Please call me for any more information.
Thanks and good fishing,
guide TFFO


Winter fishing on the East Walker River can be rewarding.Fishing with dries or nymphs can be very productive,with mostly midges on the menu.Low winter flows require lightly weighted or no weight on nymph rigs and small tippets on dry flies.With cold nights best fishing has been from late morning into the middle of the afternoon.As we get into February we should start seeing increased hatches of midges and blue wing olive mayflies.Streamers can be effective at times in deeper runs but slow your presentation down.Late winter on the East Walker has been some of my best guide trips of the season the last few years.I am looking forward to another good season on the East Walker and hope you can join us on the river soon.Hungry browns and rainbows will be active on warmer days.
GUIDE TRIPS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR LONG! Get a hold of us at (530)541-8208 or e-mail Shop hours 10 TO 5 closed Sunday and Weds.

Good fishing,
Peter TFFO


Ice fishing has been good on our guided trips to Red Lake.Fishing with jigs and bait has been productive on numerous cutthroat trout.The fish have been on the smaller side ,with an ocassional larger fish being caught.We have guides available as long as we have good ice conditions,generally through March.All you need is winter clothing and good snow boots,California fishing license and we have the rest.We also offer lunch options including BBQ lunch.To book a trip call our shop at (530)641-8208 or e-mail
Good fishing!
Peter TFFO


The Trinity River flows have come down opening more river to fish.The forcast for the next 10 days looks great for steellhead fishing on the Trinity River.I will be on the river this week and still have some dates available this month and January.The rains have brought in some fresh fish and they are eating well,this is steelhead time.When fishing the Trinity River always use a permitted licensed guide.To book a Trinity Float call our shop at (530)541-8208  OR e-mail
Next available dates 12/16,19,20,21st,29th,30th,31st!
Come out and play!
Guide TFFO


Winter trout fishing is good by winter standards, and we have guides available.The tailwaters we fish the Little Truckee and East Walker rivers have had some pretty good fishing for the few that have been out.We have not been getting huge numbers but the quality has been good on browns and rainbows eating mostly small midge patterns.We guide locally all year long and have some great trips during winter months for those that can put up wiyh cool short days.This part of the season is some of my favorite time to guide and can be very rewarding.It’s just great to get out and get into a few fish.To book a trip call our shop at (530)541-8208 or e-mailto
Get out and fish!
Peter Santley Guide TFFO


Trinity steelhead fishing remained good until storms blew river out.The rains come as a mixed blessing and put fishing on hold for a few days.On the other side when flows come down fishing should be good and hopefully some fresh fish from down low.We hope fishing will be good by the weekend on multiple areas of the river.I have plenty of available dates in December and January.If you have not been out yet this year it’s time! I can be reached by cell (530)318-7073 or e-mail I am going to extend my two days for $700.00 SPECIAL INTO JANUARY.Come out and play!

Peter Santley guide TFFO


Trinity River steelhead fishing is on tap and should only get better.I just returned from a few days floating the Trinity River and we had good fishing,steelhead,salmon and brown trout were on the bite.Fish are eating swung flies and flies under an indicator.With some weather in the forcast it should only get better as the rain helps bring in more fish and moves them around.I will be starting my season of guiding on the Trinity River November 1st and have some prime dates available.My November and December special two full consecutive days of drift boat fishing only $700.00 and includes tackle flies and a good lunch.Trips do not include shuttles and gratuity,licenses or steelhead cards.Please Call me at (530) 318-7073 for available dates.Indian Creek lodge is my reccomended lodge,check out the Drift,Dine and Stay pakage starting at $950.00 for two days float fishing two nites lodging and $50.00 in dinner certificates for the La Grange Cafe or Johnsons Steak House based on double occup.and availability and ask for Peter Santley to be your guide.Call me and book a trip or e-mail

Thank you,

Peter Santley TFFO

(530) 318-7073
Thank you,
Peter Santley TFFO

Full Day Introduction to Fly Fishing

OK. So you have wanted to learn to fly fish for a long time.  No doubt you have thought and talked about it ad naseum.  Always an excuse to be found.  Well now is the time to get it done right.  For a small investment of $100, you can get the proper instruction and the pertinent information necessary to get you started on you own fly fishing journey.  And this is the right way to do it.  Don’t be one of those guys or gals that trusts their buddy to teach them.  Ever learn to ski from one of these people.  When I guided I used to see the water littered with these poor souls.  I used to think if only they had been given the right stuff from the beginning, they would be having a hell of a lot more fun. I decided to get back in the industry this year because I missed the teaching part so much.  After teaching fly fishing classes at LTCC for three years I was able to help quite a few folks like yourself get started.  Join me soon.  We are scheduled for June 24th and July 22nd.  We may add or change dates as necessary but Sunday seems to work best for me.  Call the shop for further information.

Rick McGuire TFFO Instructor


East Walker Kite Surfing

If it was wide enough and you were good enough, it could have been done yesterday. As I drove through Bridgeport on the way to the river, there was alkali dust blowing across 395 that looked like a snow blizzard. I thought I was pretty much screwed in regards to fishing as I was hoping to throw dry flies. As I drove by Bridgeport Reservoir, I thought, “what a great day for kite surfing!” The fishing was actually great. Half of my casts didn’t go anywhere I intended but the fish were looking up and eating dry flies. The fishing was solid from noon to 7 (this is when the sun went down, the breezes off the snow capped Sierras dropped 20 degrees in temp and wet wading suddenly became a bad idea) and I left as I could not feel my fingers. Standing in the river at that point was actually warmer than out in the wind. The fish ate all small flies 18s to 22s. I only say 2 caddis adults all day. They have to be ready to pop any day. The wind was ridiculous but the fish didn’t care. For the first time in three months I was able to look up and downstream and not see anyone for most of the day. The pictures are of gently released fish who were kind enough to stick around while I dug out the camera.

Fly Fishing The West Carson River

The West Carson River has been fishing really well. The runoff is incredibly mild and wet wading in the slow, shallow sections is even possible and not numbing. CA DFG has put in some 12 to 14 inch Lahontan Cutthroat that are really pretty and fun to catch. There are also some larger Rainbows in there as well. I have seen a couple of adult Stoneflies and some Caddis already so dry fly fishing should be just around the corner. The fish have been eating large Prince Nymphs, Large Copper Johns and a variety of small mayfly, caddis and midge imitations. Get out and enjoy this early fishing. It is not very often that you will get to fish in Hope Valley in shorts on a May evening!