Our Fly Fishing Guides

Victor Babbitt


Victor purchased his first fly rod at age 7 but unfortunately never had a mentor to teach him how to use it! He did catch a few catfish with it at the Colorado River though! Victor really got into the sport when he moved to Tahoe back in the 80’s and found an old fiberglass rod in the shed of the first house he lived in. A little mentoring from an old shop owner named Wayne Wilkins and the rest is history! Twenty some years later, he still loves the Sierra Nevada Mountains! “The fishing is wonderful and the outdoors cannot be beat.” Living in South Lake Tahoe has been an adventure for Victor and central to many a good fishin’ hole. After spending the past twenty five years behind the counter of a fly shop and a few years prior to that behind a bar, he has heard most all the lies he can imagine and a few secrets about fly fishing as well!

There are five watersheds within a few hours drive and he has spent his fair share of time on all of them. The Carson Rivers and the Walker Rivers are his backyard fisheries and it is where he sends most of his clients. His favorite place to guide is on the East Walker River during the winter/spring! So if you have a question about these rivers or if you are in need of a direction to be sent, now is the time to ask him, and you just might learn a secret or two. If there is one thing he enjoys, it’s talking about fishing!



Rob Baldwin

Originally from Southwestern Virginia, the Appalachian Mountains provided inspiration and destination for a young curious mind.  Days were spent outside; hunting, fishing, and golfing with his parents and grandparents.  He attended the University of Tennessee before becoming a golf professional in Virginia. There he developed a love for teaching and watching others succeed. After a vacation trip to South Lake Tahoe in 2009, he decided to make a move.  The snow and rivers were too much appeal to resist, and have been on his mind ever since he has called Tahoe home.



Steve Johnson

Steven was born and raised in East Tennessee, near the Smoky Mountains and their abundant trout streams.  Growing up Steven was a multi sport athlete, preferring football over everything else.  When he wasn’t involved with sports he was outside fishing, hunting, and enjoying his ATV/dirt bike.  Steven’s parents instilled a love for the outdoors, he and his father  enjoyed hunting together while his mother took him fishing as much as possible.  

Steven moved to Tahoe after college at The University of Tennessee to enjoy snow boarding, but quickly realized Tahoe was an amazing place to be during the summer with all of the outdoor opportunities, especially the fishing.  His favorite thing about guiding is getting to see that smile that the river seems to bring to everyone.  Then, when they hook that trout, no matter if it is 6 or 16 inches, that exhilaration goes to another level.  

In 2017, He was an instructor for the Tahoe/Truckee Area Guide School.  Steve is a very patient instructor, he tries to make the learning process fun. Steve volunteers annually with Trout Unlimited’s Sierra Trout Camp.  He  enjoys working with kids, sharing his passion for the outdoors.



Dan Ring

Dan Ring grew up on a lake in southern Minnesota. He spent much of his time catching anything from sunnies to snakes. In 1993 he moved with his family to San Diego, CA. Feeling like a fish out of water in a big city; He began backpacking and exploring the Sierra Nevada mountains from the eastern slope of Mount Whitney to Lake Tahoe. In 2002 he came to South Lake Tahoe to purse wilderness studies courses at Lake Tahoe Community College. He came across an old fly rod and with a little help from his friends began fly fishing. Over the years he became very familiar with the local waters and entomology. In 2011 he became a guide and instructor at Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. Dan has found his passion in teaching and guiding people to his favorite places around the Lake Tahoe Basin.



Eric Meza

Eric a Southern California native grew up visiting and vacationing at Lake Tahoe since he was 2 years old. Growing up a soccer player with a travel club team, they frequented Tahoe for tournaments. As a teenager he was introduced to a snowboard. From there he chased the snow. Going from Wrightwood to Big bear and then his final destination Lake Tahoe where he has resided since 2005.Coming from a father who loved to camp and fish he was taught at a young age to become an angler. Younger than he can remember. Tahoe has been home to me for almost half my life. Fly fishing and skiing/snowboarding will always be my passions.



Tyler Penn

Having been born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, fishing and hunting are as common to the people there as the rain is. Tyler had a spin cast pole in his hand the day he learned to walk. Since then he has spent countless hours on the ocean, rivers, lakes, and streams from coast to coast chasing anything that is catchable. Much of his childhood growing up was also spent in Alaska where his grandparents lived. That's where fly fishing came into his sights. Since then the sport became not only something fun to do every once in a while but rather an obsession. "Fly fishing is the thing I love to do most with my time and I love to share that with the people around me and the clients I take out on the water. I've been lucky enough to have grown up in a family rich in the passion for the outdoors and water and I think that shows when people meet me and fish with me."

Tyler moved to Lake Tahoe in 2010 to chase the snow and trout and he hasn't stopped doing that since. Now he calls Truckee home and the fish around there his neighbors. Spend some time on the water with Tyler and meet his neighborhood friends and you too will see why he loves the sport so much.



Scott Amoroso

Scotty grew up fishing in the east bay area for bass, bluegill, catfish and trout at around 8 years old. He was gifted a fly rod set up at around 11 years old and would take it to the rivers in the foothills any chance he got. The first time his elk hair caddis hit the water on the Stanislaus River he had a small rainbow trout come and grab it and he was hooked on fly fishing.

Scotty moved to South Lake Tahoe at the age of 18 to snowboard and attend the local junior college. The first week he was here he was in Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters buying new reels and gaining knowledge on all the amazing water to explore around Tahoe. Scotty's love for snowboarding and fly fishing run deep. He spends most of his winters riding his snowboard as much as possible. Exploring new terrain and pushing the limit of his riding.

The same is for fly fishing. He enjoys getting out to new waters and exploring what unfamiliar zones have to offer. Over the last few years he has pushed his fly fishing abilities to the next level. Purchasing a drift boat and exploring all the coastal rivers and teaching himself how to Spey cast for large sea-run fish. Scotty fishes year-round in California. The best days for him are spent floating down a river with a couple of friends searching for fish. He loves taking people out and teaching them how to enjoy the outdoors while learning new techniques about fly fishing.


Jason Shaw

Jason's passion (maybe obsession) for fishing started around the age of 5 when he would go to work with dad, who's printing shop was located on the bank of Kankakee River. He spent most weekends and summer days getting up before 5 a.m. to ride into work with dad just so he could spend the day fishing.   At the age of 12, Jason met Leo Pachner, an elderly gentleman that owned a couple of ponds just outside of town. He began going to Leo's ponds where in exchange for doing chores around the property, Leo would let him fish. One day Leo asked if he'd like to try using a fly rod and over the next few years, countless days were spent with Leo learning the art of fly fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Jason says "The generosity of Leo to share his time and knowledge never left me and I took any opportunity I had to do the same for others."

In 2008, Jason decided a change in life was in order, he moved out to Lake Tahoe where he discovered a new world of fishing. Going from bass fishing to trout fishing was a great new adventure and after a few years of exploring the area and learning the local waters it was time to chase a lifelong dream of becoming a fishing guide. Jason's love for fly fishing and the outdoors shines through in his time on the water with his clients. He will work hard and do everything within his control to make sure a client has a great experience.



Chad Fuller

Chad grew up hunting and fishing in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and has a particular passion for fly fishing. Always seeking to find new adventures and enhance his knowledge of the sport, Chad has fished extensively in the Western U.S., Alaska and Canada, as well as Russia, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. Along with guiding Tahoe's local rivers, Chad is working to expand the travel program for Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. He currently lives in South Lake Tahoe with his wife and two dogs, and when not fishing (or tying flies) he can be found skiing, hiking or mountain biking in the Tahoe area.



Mikey Wier (Alumni Guide)

Mikey Wier started fly-fishing at age 7, and the sport has been a big part of his life ever since. Mikey was born in New Zealand, and moved to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at age 2. He spent much of his childhood chasing around bass and trout in the Hwy 88 region. Mikey joined the Delta fly fishers at age 9 and began tying flies. He further developed his skills over the years and now prides himself on trying to fish with only flies that he has tied. Mikey moved to Lake Tahoe 10 years ago and has been snowboarding in the winters and working in the fly fishing industry in the summers, for the past 10 years. He started out as a shop employee with the Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters and has been a full time guide in the Tahoe area for the past 8 seasons. Mikey most frequently guides the Carson Rivers, Pleasant Valley, the Walker Rivers, The Truckee and Little Truckee, and the high country lakes.

In addition to guiding, Mikey also started and runs Burl Productions. They do FISH EYE Fly Fishing Video Magazine and have worked on several other projects such as The Trout Bum Diaries and SOULFISH. Burl Productions is the first fishing oriented production company to bring non-instructional, hard core fishing entertainment based videos to the market. Burl Productions still prides itself on producing the most exciting videos available today. Mikey also keeps a blog chatting about all his latest filming and fishing adventures. Make sure to check it out.