Early bird gets the worm.  High alpine lakes.  Tahoe-Truckee area

The alarm goes off.  It’s 4:58am.  This morning we are off in search for big trout in our High Alpine lakes. The rod is rigged with a fresh streamer tied from the night before. This morning we are looking for that one eager fish.  The one that is willing to pummel our fly.  This type of fishing is all about the chase!

While stalking the shoreline, climbing up giant granite boulders looking for another deep channel to huck our bugs into.  We notice the serenity the new fall weather is bringing us.  The holidays have past.  It’s quieting down around here. I like it.  And so do the fish.

Taking it all in we pull that fresh streamer off the guide of our fly rod.  Strip some line off and begin flailing and waving in attempt to get some line out.  We get lucky this time.  It doesn’t tangle up in the trees behind us and lands out just where we hoped it would.  As we strip our fly back to us we think about nothing.  All thoughts are focused on this moment alone.  We strip our fly back. Nothing. Go figure.  Throughout the morning we see numerous prudes.  Snobs I like to call them.  Seeing that monster trout swim up from the depths with its eyes locked in on your streamer, only to see him turn around and swim right back down where he came from.  As if his nose is held up high like he is too good for you or your bugs.

But sometimes we get lucky.  You got to look at it like a hunt.  After all we are hunting for that one nice fish.  And when it all comes together it can be very memorable.  We at Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters are all about making memories.   Good ones.  So come join us in the fun because we would love to show you a good time out on the water.