Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report August 2019

Fly Fishing Report August 2019

Summer has finally begun and is in full force. The weather is getting warmer and flows are coming down on all of the rivers. With the warm weather and lower flows comes warmer water temperatures so be sure to look for faster water in the lower rivers and watch the temps as the mornings progress. We are focusing on the morning and evenings and leaving many of the rivers alone during the hotter part of the day.

The East Carson flows have finally come down and the water is a good color. Most of the river is fishing well right now. Stonefly, caddis, and general attractor nymphs have been productive and streamers can still work in the deep pools. Look for dry fly action with hoppers and caddis later in the day.

The West Carson flows are quickly dropping so the deep pockets and holes are the most productive. Dry droppers have been working as well, so has single dry flies during the early morning and late evening hours. Stimulators, caddis and hoppers are all good dry fly patterns to try right now.

We haven’t been fishing the East or West Walker much just yet. It is still pretty hot on the East Walker and flows are holding around 330cfs. This is a great river and one of our favorites for the fall once the temps and flows come down a bit.

The Truckee continues to fish well this summer but the focus needs to be on the early morning and evening hours. With the recent warm weather we’ve been having, the water temps are getting high during the middle part of the day. During the dog days of summer we strive to avoid fishing during the middle part of the day to help relieve pressure on the fish. Nymphing has been the most productive in the deeper pools with caddis, midges, small mayfly and stonefly patterns being successful. Dry droppers can be productive in the shallower runs, especially later in the day. Make sure you have a good variety of bugs as the hatches can be a little different every day.

The Little Truckee has been at a good flow but has been getting heavy fishing pressure this summer. In these situations it’s a good reminder about fishing etiquette. Always ask which way someone is working if you plan on stepping in above or below another angler. Kindness goes a lot further than the alternative attitude. If you decide to fish up there please be respectful to other anglers! We are all out there to enjoy the fishing and nothing can ruin a day faster than an argument over fishing etiquette. Caddis, a variety of mayflies, and midges are on the menu as usual. Once again go armed with plenty of bugs in the box!

Upcoming Travel and Classes

Belize Saltwater Trip – We are excited to be working with Turneffe Flats Lodge in Belize and will be hosting a saltwater fly fishing trip there March 7-14, 2020. Turneffe Flats is a world-class fishing, diving and eco-tourism resort that offers great vacation options for the serious angler or non-angler. If you’ve ever wondered about saltwater water fly fishing, are an experienced angle, or just want to spend some time on the beach come join us for the amazing trip. If you’ve never hooked a bonefish, permit or tarpon on a fly there is no other fishing experience that comes close. Give us a call or visit our saltwater trips page for more details on pricing and availability.

All-Day Introduction to Fly Fishing – We have all day introduction to fly fishing classes coming up on August 24th. This is a great way to learn fly fishing in a relaxed environment. If you are interested in learning more about fly fishing this is a great way to start and is a good intro to have before hiring a guide for the day.

Guide School – Ever considered guiding as a profession, or just want to learn more about fly fishing and how to teach it to others? Our next guide school is scheduled for May 11-17, 2020 and we are starting to take reservations. This is a great class that is focused on learning more about teaching fly fishing to others, as well as becoming better anglers. Each year our school gets larger so don’t wait too long to reserve your spot.

Fly Fishing Report For The Tahoe Area Early Summer 2019

Guide School 2019, Look for these up and coming guides this season!


Talk about an extension to Winter… cold and cloudy but June should be the month that kicks us into Summer and the fishing should follow! The Rivers are going to have high flows through the month but as long as they are clear, the fishing will be good. Look for the fish to continue to move to the edges and hang out in the slower flows. They have to eat so put the bug in front of them and make the best of it.

The East Carson was low enough to fish during this past cold snap but we are expecting the flows to go up and to off color again as we warm up into June. I think we are seeing the highest of it and hopefully that will mean off colored but not Chocolate Milk. Big bugs that the fish can see will be the best choice and anything that has a worm like look should also be good. Heavy Stoneflies to get to the bottom with a dropper of a San Juan Worm should be good. Look for fish hanging out in the back eddies and along the edges looking for anything that floats by as I am sure they are hungry!

The West Carson River is in good shape and should stay that way now that the big plug of water has already come through. Yes it will get higher but not high enough to become unfishable. Big Mayfly imitations as well as Stones should be good here and since most of the fish are stocked in this section the worm and egg combo will work. To get away from the crowds head into the canyon section and fish the pocket water areas, especially the overgrown areas where most anglers do not want to access.

The Truckee River has once again put out some pretty good fish over the last month of so with the high flows. Once again fish the edges and look for the fish to be hanging in the slack water along the edges and along the main current seams. There have been some reports of dry fly activity recently and when the Green Drakes start later in the month, the fishing should be pretty darn good. Look for fish setting up in a feeding lay looking for the bugs on the surface. Nymphing of course will be your best bet. Stones, worms and bigger Mayfly Nymphs should do the trick.

The Little Truckee is looking good with the flows dropping into a fishable flow and the Baetis fishing should improve. Green Drakes will start late this year but when they do the fishing should be incredible. Look for fish taking dries on some of these cloudy days as we progress into the later part of the month.

Stillwaters are late but as they Ice Off the fishing will be fun. Look for Red Lakes, Caples and Silver to thaw soon and take advantage of the fish feeding along the edges. Streamer fishing should be best along with indicator fishing as well. Dries might be tough for a while but it never hurts to try particularly when the flying ants start to hatch. Some other opportunities for lake fishing will be Spooner Lake, Martis Creek Reservoir and Indian Creek Reservoir and best fished from a float tube. Leech patterns, Blood Midges and Damsels starting soon!

These are just a few of the opportunities we have in the greater Tahoe area. If you have questions on these fisheries or any others in the near vicinity, drop by the shop and or give us a call and we will be glad to set you up with any information you might need for a day on your own or with one of our guides. We offer clinics, classes and first timer outings for the beginner to the advanced angler. Our shop is full of gear from Spinning Rods to Fly Rods and just about everything else you can think of. We are located about 3.5 miles from the Casinos in to California at 2705 Lake Tahoe Blvd. and can be reached by phone at 530-541-8208. Thanks for reading and we hope you get the chance to wet a line in the Tahoe area!

Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt March 2019

Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt March 2019

I hope you all appreciate this amount of snow we are getting, it does make for better fishing! Short term it reeks havoc on our ability to get to the water and wet a line. But I will always take every drop we can get because sometime down the road it will have had a positive effect on our fisheries. Think fish tank with an Oscar… fish gets bigger in a bigger tank. On the other side is drought, that nasty word that only brings off season fishing but kills opportunity and fish when flows get too low. I liked last year, good fishing most of the Winter and then one month of snow to catch us up and to help fill our reservoirs. This year has its’ ridiculousness though and I am ready to see the sun shine and the fish to rise, bring on Summer!

The Talk of the town again this March is Pyramid Lake. Pyramid has been off the charts for large fish this Winter and the numbers game should start soon. Indo fishing or stripping buggers etc have both been working but I think as we get closer to Spring the Indo fishing will increase. Chironomids and balance leeches are best but don’t be afraid to try something new or something you have designed, the fish don’t tend to be too picky. Be in the right place at the right time and hang on!

In past posts over the years I have always been afraid of high flows on the Truckee. But after the 2017 Season with all that snow and with the similarities to this year the fishing should be fine particularly when the flows are bank to bank and pressing the 5-6 thousand CFS range. The fish just move to the side and they still have to eat. It is when the river goes to chocolate milk that the fish get hard to find. The river has made a great comeback again this year and we should look forward to seeing some sizable fish this Summer season!

The Little Truckee River could get a bit of a forced break this Spring due to the tough access which makes for less pressure and the fish get a rest. There are still a few hardy souls that access via machine but not nearly as many as when the road is drivable. When we do get access this year it will probably be on the high side but fishable well into the Summer. Think the month of May but not easily crossable.

The East Carson River was a jewel last season during the Winter but somewhat unfishable this year since early January and it could be a long while before we see it again. To compare to the 2017 season, we did not get on the river until the second week of August. Makes for great drifting/rafting but a little tough on the fishing. Maybe a few opportunities during the end of March and into April if the runoff doesn’t get an early kick off. Always check the flows and anything under 600 CFS if it is clear to green is fishable!

Indian Creek Reservoir, with the low level snow, has been a tough haul to get to. I believe you can get to it from the back road but not yet from the front side. Blood Midges and Leech Patterns in the shallows should do the trick!

Topaz Lake tends to be a good option when we have all this snow. Fish the shallow end to the South and look for fish rolling or eating off the surface. This lake has a good population of Blood Midges as well as leeches that the fish tend to get on especially on some of the warmer days.

This is just a synopsis of the fishing to come and if you are a diehard angler, you will find some fishing opportunities over the next month and not just at Pyramid Lake. Think travel, think coastal or even Steelhead opportunities over the next month and enjoy!

December 2018 fishing report for the Central Sierra Mountains area

Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt December 2018


What kind of Fishing Season/Year/Winter are we going to have?

It is starting off pretty well so far with a good storm over the Holiday bringing much needed moisture and a little snow pack as well.  It seems all of the rivers are making a good comeback as far as fish numbers and health are concerned.  The Truckee in California and in Nevada, The Little Truckee, The East Carson River below Hangman’s and the Walker Rivers.  All have been fishing well over the past few months. Now it just takes a little luck for the conditions to cooperate and we could have a full Winter of good access and successful angling.  Storm days or cloudy days tend to be the best for the hatches with fish rising to Baetis and Midges.

The fish will eat numerous other items under the surface during the Winter months.  A Stonefly Nymph is always a good option as they are always in the water column due to their multiple year life cycle.  Try from size 14 to as big as a size 8 in darker colors. Pat’s Rubber Legs tends to be a good all around option paired with a Midge or Baetis Nymph.  You have to put it on their nose as they will not move far for a meal with the colder water temperatures. When the rivers are healthy, it seems we get about one out of every three or four years that we get to fish hard through the months of December and January.  Cross your fingers and hope for the conditions to line up!

Pyramid Lake!

There are other places to fish as in Pyramid Lake which has been producing some really nice fish so far this year.  Pyramid has become the go to Winter fishery for those that can hack the conditions which tend to get pretty nasty, some will do anything to get at one of those beasts.  If you haven’t fished Pyramid Lake yet and would like to get a quick start, hire a guide which will expedite your success rate and fill you full of knowledge for your next visit.  I say next visit because once you have experienced the thrill of landing a large Cutthroat most anglers have to return!  The Northern beaches have finally reopened which has given everyone a chance to spread out again and not spend so much time a Pelican Beach which has been hammered over the past few seasons.  The shop has all the ingredients needed for a successful day at Pyramid including flies, rods and reels etc. Give it a shot but be prepared!

Ice Fishing!

Fishing through the Ice is another form of recreation that can be a good time over the next couple of months.  Ice Fishing has its’ own challenges and the conditions have to be just about right for good success.  Of course the Ice needs to be stable and it is no fun if the wind is really blowing.  My favorite days are the sunny ones with little wind which happens more often than not, a California type experience.  Red Lake and Caples Lake are the two we access the most with Red Lake seemingly having more fish but on the smaller size and Caples lake having the opportunity for a larger catch but not as consistent.  It is really convenient at Red Lake with easy parking in the Dam area and the fishing is best right in front of the Dam in 3 to 15 feet of water which equates to about 10 to 30 feet out from the Dam face.  Caples can fish well near the Spillway or in front of the Dam as well.


Contact us for more information!

For more information on any of these opportunities or any others in the general area, stop by the shop or give us a call and we will do our best to get you set up with whatever it takes to get out on the water or Ice over the next few months.  No need to put your fishing rods away, it just takes a little more planning for a comfortable day on our area waters.  We are located 3.5 miles into California from the Casinos here on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe at 2705 Lake Tahoe Blvd. and we can be reached by phone at 530-541-8208.  www.tahoeflyfishing.com  Thanks for reading and we hope you can get out and enjoy some time on the water!

Tahoe/Truckee Area Fly Fishing Report


Truckee/Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report April 18


Tahoe/Truckee Fly Fishing Report April 2018

The Tahoe/Truckee area has been saved by Mother Nature once again during the Month of March! We have Water so no longer do we have to worry about the survival of fish this Summer, now we can concentrate on catching them and helping them on their return to significance. Angling opportunities, as we call it, an opportunity to catch a fish by angling. Those opportunities have become farther and fewer in between because of numerous reasons and some being the removal of Trout that are considered invasive to our area waters. Let us hope the agencies figure some way to bring back the LCT, as of late they have not been successful via Science or conjecture. Long live the 98% fish, extinct but not…

Those fisheries that have been seeing a bit of a comeback from the drought years of the recent past are showing signs of recovery! The East Walker River has made a quicker recovery than I thought it would and has been fishing quite well on both sides of the state line. Hatches have been good and the river is cleaned out and looking very healthy. Streamer fishing has been good at the higher flows with Baetis and Squallas working for the nymph anglers and for the occasional dry fly opportunity when the flows are down. Look for Squallas and micro Caddis to be best during the month of April.

The East Carson River has seen some good fishing this Winter and should continue to fish well into the month of April with the general opener at the end of the month. Stones, Baetis and Midges have been fishing well with Egg patterns and Worm patterns working when the water color is tinted. Streamers will work especially on those runoff days as the flows reach the 600 CFS rate and above. As the water starts to warm the fish should move out of the deeper holes and into the runs as well as spreading out amongst the river.

The Truckee River slowed for a bit with the snow storms but has already returned to fishable conditions. The Glenshire, Hirschdale and Canyon sections in California have all been productive with Stones, Baetis and Midges this Winter and will continue to fish well during the month of April. The Little Truckee will get more and more consistent as we get deeper in

to Spring as it is getting a little bit of a rest with access issues due to snow. Those that can get up there should be looking for a strong Baetis hatch especially on cloudy days. Watch for spawning fish to start up any time now and please stay away from the Redds!

Pyramid Lake has had a great kickoff this season and is looking to fish as good as ever this Spring. All the usual flies have been working including the Boobies, Beetles, Tadpoles and a long list of other foam flies for stripping. Buggers, Streamers, Chironomids, Nymphs and just about anything else you tie on has been working. The fish are abundant and they like to eat!

Indian Creek Reservoir is another fun place to fish this time of year and should be done from a float tube for best access. Or fish the shallow end which can be waded along the South shore. Blood Midges are the usual hatch this time of the year but they will eat Leech Patterns, Chironomids, Prince Nymphs and occasionally a San Juan Worm under an indicator. These are Stocked fish so approach the fishery with that in mind because you are going to see a lot of fish taken along the shore and of course not returned to the water!

Get out and fish while enjoying the outdoors, Spring is upon us and Summer is just around the corner. For more information about these fisheries or any others in Tahoe area, stop by the shop or give us a call and we will do our best to get you on the right track and hopefully into a fish or two! For those that would like to get an early start we are offering our Introduction to Fly Fishing course, during the month of April, 2 for the price of one. You can find us at 2705 Lake Tahoe Blvd or call us at 530-541-8208.

Fly Fishing Report Tahoe Area March 2018

Fly Fishing Report with Victor Babbitt

Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

March 2018


Fly Fishing Report March 2018.  Normally I would say it is time to get out and fish but as I watch the snow fall (finally), in an amount that might count, I reflect on all the fishing we have had this past Winter due to the small amount of weather we received previous to this particular storm. March 1st is usually the time we hit the Walker River or the Lower Truckee and sometimes the East Carson River but we already have and it was good. Stones were hatching early, fish were eating with the elevated water temperatures and the drive was simple. We need the water so I am not complaining about the break that is forced upon us and with a little snow on the ground it shouldn’t stop us from getting back to it.  Enjoy the Fly Fishing Report!

Pyramid Lake is the Crown Jewel of the month of March and is just starting to fill in with numerous fish being caught this past week and it should only get better as we get further into the month. Bobber fishing has been tops with Chironomids, Nymphs and Balance Leeches. Traditional stripping has been producing some action as well with Boobies, Buggers and Chub Patterns. Pyramid Lake would be your chance at catching a fish of a lifetime with many fish going over the 10-20 pound size. Take a Pyramid style ladder, 2 rods (one set up for stripping and one for bobber fishing), warm clothes, Good Gloves and waders that do not leak. Nothing worse than not being prepared for the conditions at Pyramid!

The East Walker River has seen a bit of a resurgence of late with some larger fish being caught with streamers and a mixture of sized fish under an indicator. The best part of March on the East Walker is the opportunity to fish with dry flies. Skwala Stones, Midges and Blue Wing Olives, especially on a cloudy day. One of my old favorites was a Turks Tarantula fished dry then stripped back as a streamer! Everything from the Miracle Mile all the way down to the Elbow has been fishing well, maybe not like it did a bunch of years ago but definitely worth the effort!

The East Carson River has been fun this Winter season and fishing way better than I can remember since they opened it below Hangman’s to year round fishing some years ago. Even with the snow on the ground the fishing has held its’ own and should continue to over the next month or so. Take a hike and get down stream for better opportunities. The Skwalas, Baetis and Midges have been around as well as Worm patterns, Egg patterns and occasionally a streamer bite.

The Truckee River has also shown that it is quite resilient and fished well in the Nevada sections this year as well as the California side. Stones, Baetis and Midges as well as Worm patterns and Streamers. The Lower River is on its’ way back and hopefully within a few years should be great again if we continue to get water. We floated a couple of sections of the river last month and had some marginal success but caught fish. The Little Truckee has been accessible all Winter until now and the hatches have been good. depending on how much snow we get will determine access going forward. Not a bad thing in my opinion as the River could use a bit of a rest.

Indian Creek Reservoir is another opportunity in the lower elevations and has been fishing well with Buggers, Blood Midges and Chironomids under an Indicator. Float tubes give you the best shot at these fish but shore fishing can be successful as well. Look for the best fishing to be in the shallow end or along the Dam face. There are numerous other opportunities in the greater Tahoe area, just ask!

Thanks for reading and I hope this gets you out on the water! Stop by the shop for more up to date reports and further details, we can set you up with whatever you might need for a wonderful day on the water!   Good luck fishing and enjoy your surroundings. 530-541-8208  www.tahoeflyfishing.com


Fly Fishing report Tahoe Truckee Area February 2018

Chilly but good

Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt February 2018

Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

From one Winter to the next… no opportunities last year to too numerous to count this year!

Winter fly fishing has been great and with the lack of snow so far,  it looks like it will stay that way unless we end up with a huge February. Storms in March rarely shut down the opportunities they just enhance the experience with better hatches and usually plenty of fish taking the dry fly! Most of our fisheries that were heavily affected by the drought have now rebounded and are on the mend. I won’t say they are back to their previous glory but they are on their way!

The East Walker River is again producing some fun action particularly in the pocket water section up in California when the flows are below 200 CFS otherwise a bit too hard to wade. Streamers and Baetis have been the answer so far but look for the midges to show a few opportunities during the month of February. The Rosachi Ranch section down in Nevada has also been fishing well again with numerous reports of multiple fish days on tiny nymphs or streamers. Check out the Alpine section above the bridge which tends to hold some nicer fish!

A river I usually don’t even think

about in the Winter, the East Carson River, has been doing well and should continue to if we do not see huge snows. Normally the river fishes ok right before run-off but the conditions this Winter have been better. Fish Stones, Baetis Nymphs and San Juan Worms. The further down stream you go below the Bridge the better the fishing will be. Once we get a big snow I would hold off until the month of March.

The Truckee River in California has been fun with numerous big fish being released in the Canyon sections. The Hirschdale and Glenshire sections have been good as well and are a little easier to access. Stones, Baetis and Midges again are some of the top flies to fish. Look for fish to be in the deeper runs with a bit of slow moving water. The Truckee in Nevada has also been fishing somewhat well and worth a fish again. The Baetis hatches should begin any day the temps get into the high forties or low fifties, especially on the cloudy days!

The Little Truckee River is another opportunity with the low snow year. The access has been easy but watch for snow to close the access. Midges, Winter Stones, Baetis and San Juan’s should be the best bugs to fish moving in to the month of March. Streamers on occasion will take a fish or two! If the flows stay consistent it should help with the fishing as well.

Pyramid Lake is another opportunity and can be hit or miss this time of the year. If the fish are not biting, try another beach or access. Move, Move and move some more until you find them! The closer we get to Spring the sooner the fishing will pick up.   Spring tends to bring the most consistent fishing when you can fish under the Indicator and or strip flies along the bottom. Make sure to have a good selection of flies, which there are many these days. Carry a net just in case the big one shows up!

This is just a small list of some of the closer opportunities we have in our area. Expand your horizons and the fishing just gets better for species other than Trout. Think Saltwater… For further questions on these fisheries or any others in our area, stop by the shop or give us a call. We are located about 3.5 miles from the Casinos into California and our phone is 530-541-8208.


Thanks for reading and good luck with your fishing!

Victor Babbitt

Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters

Tahoe/California Ice Fishing Report Winter 2016

20151205_150027_resizedRed Lakes, Caples and Silver Lake Ice Fishing Report with a bit of fly fishing…

Red Lakes has multiple inches of ice covered by multiple feet of Snow! We have been fishing Red Lakes since the first part of December and it continues to produce a pretty good size Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Bring a shovel which will be needed to get through the layer of snow and then plan for about 8-12 inches of Ice to get through. (an Auger is a must and if you don’t have one, try bringing an extra six pack to bribe someone who does have one) You can also rent one from Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters.

We have been fishing within 10 to 50 feet of the dam face and doing best in about 4-8 foot of water. The best spots tend to be right in front of the Gun Turret stand, probably because that is the most convenient! Anywhere along the Dam area should be good. Some of the baits we have been doing well with are Bay Shrimp, Worms, Corn, Meal Worms, Power Bait, Salmon Eggs as well as Jigs bounced off the bottom. I like to use smaller pieces of bait, especially smaller pieces of Worm for best results.

Caples Lake took a little longer to get to a safe thickness of Ice but as of Christmas it is good to go. Fish either the Dam area or Spillway area, both fish quite well. One of my favorite spots is to line up with the pump house on the dam which is about where the channel lines up. Once again closer to the dam tends to work well, no need to be out in the deeper part of the lake. Caples is known for bigger fish with the possibility of catching a Mackinaw that go as big as 20 pounds!   Most of the larger fish are caught fishing with a Jig rather than bait. I would suggest having a two pole stamp and fishing one bait rod and the other saved for Jigging a Kastmaster or other type of spoon.

Silver Lake is also good to go and will fish similar to Caples with the option to catch larger fish. We don’t tend to spend as much time at Silver due to the distance from Tahoe but definitely convenient for those coming up from the foothills. There are also some large Mackinaw in Silver Lake as well as some pretty nice Brown Trout.

All of these lakes are accessible from the highway and do not require long hikes with the most convenient being Red Lakes which is only a few yards from the parking area and an easy sled down the dam face! One of our favorite tricks is to keep your bait moving slowly up and down rather than letting the pole sit motionless, I think the fish like a bit of movement but not too much. We are offering guided Ice Fishing trips for those that want the help of a professional, we can supply all of the gear and a nice BBQ lunch as well.

As far as fly fishing goes, the opportunities should start to increase as we get into the month of January. We have had quite a bit of snow and single digit temperatures leaving the month of December with tough conditions but as things warm up the fly fishing will get better as well! The East Walker River as well as the Truckee River in Nevada should fish well with Midge Nymphs and really small Baetis Nymphs. We seem to have plenty of water now so we are looking forward to getting some folks out on the rivers this Winter, join us for a guided trip as we get closer to the end of January.

Pyramid Lake has been producing some good action for larger fish but not yet the numbers game that we will see in the Spring. Chironomids under an indicator are doing best with stripping a close second! The fish are now in the shallows as the storms mix it up, look for windy days or rain to turn the bite on. We carry a good assortment of Pyramid bugs including Balance Leeches and Chironomids for under the indicator.

Give us a call if you would like to get out with one of our guides or stop by the shop for further details. We are located at 2705 Lake Tahoe Blvd. and about 3.5 miles from the Casinos. We can be reached by phone at 530-541-8208. Thanks for reading and the fishing never stops around here, get out and fish!


Fishing Report Header

Fall 2015

East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 40+ CFS.

The catch and release section below Hangman’s Bridge:  Flows are very low but cold temps have the fish eating again. Hike down far into the canyon where the fish see less pressure. Caddis Pupae, PT’s, Hares Ears, Golden Stones are working subsurface. When heads are surfacing, EC Caddis, Stimulators and small Parachute Adams are working.. look for the October Caddis soon. It’s a beautiful time of the year with fewer people on the river so take advantage and enjoy the Fall weather.

Above the Bridge, put and take section: Alpine County has still been stocking so if you’re looking for planters try the campground and up by the Highway 4 Bridge. Hike down into the more difficult accessed areas to find wild fish. Stoneflies, Copper Johns, San Juan Worms, Birds’ Nests, Stimulators, Elk Hair Caddis, and E/C Caddis are all working. Strip a Wooly Bugger through the deeper slots to find the bigger fish… in general if you find the deeper water you will find the fish

West Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing 5-9 CFS:

Flows are extremely low on the west running at around 9 CFS. Now is probably the time to drive the extra 15 minutes out to Markleville and fish the East Carson… Hopefully some wet weather in the fall will get this river fishing well again before the end of October

West Walker River Fishing Report- Currently flows are 40 + CFS:

This is the best freestone river we have going in our area… Mono County is still stocking the canyon campground areas and the trout habitat at Pickel Meadows. You can’t beat the scenery in the meadow there as Fall is kicking in… small Baetis, Copper Johns, PT’s, Hares Ears, and Stones are hooking fish. Find the deep water in the canyon and you will find the fish. Look for October caddis to start popping soon

East Walker River Fishing Report- Flows are 15+ CFS. 

California section below Bridgeport Reservoir: The river is running below 20 CFS so it’s probably a good idea to fish elsewhere… the west walker has some water in it so take the short drive up 395 and fish that… Pray for Snow

Nevada section/Rosachi Ranch: this section of the river is also very low and should be avoided for now. Hopefully mother nature will bring a good winter, and this area will be fishing good by mid winter


Little Truckee River Fishing Report- Flows are 105+ CFS

Flows are back up after the stream restoration and it looks great out there… we are very  blessed to have this little gem to fish in the middle of this drought. Below the surface, Baetis, small Caddis Nymphs, PMD’s,  Midges and Golden Stones are on the menu… on the surface,  dries like Cutter’s E/C caddis and small BWO and PMD patterns are working. As the nighttime temps drop the bite should happen a little later in the day… Try 6x tippet if it seems slow… Enjoy the fall fishing out there, we’re lucky to have it.


Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report- Flows are 0-100 CFS+ and variable.

Above the 267 Bridge:  No water coming out of Tahoe so there is no water in the river. See below for where you can fish the Truckee.

Year round section (CA) below 267 Bridge.    The Truckee river is starting to fish again as the nighttime temps have cooled the river temps are back into the 50’s… Flows have stabilized at around 100 CFS… still try to get out early to be nice to the fish… nothing above Boca is fishable so work your way down from the Hirschdale exit into the canyon where the flows are better… Midges, Baetis, and Caddis are out on the river and try stripping  some Wooly Buggers too… Pray for snow this winter to get some water back in the river for these stressed fish.

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report:  not much water down here and it was a hot, stressful summer for the fish… wait till some winter storms bring some water back into the system and then we’ll have a opportunity to see how the fish dealt with the warm water temps of summer… This can be a great winter fishery so cross your fingers that the fish made it through


Tahoe Area Stillwater’s: May 2015

Pyramid Lake:  Opening October 1st! Is this the year someone breaks the 30 pound mark? Look for the Bait Balls to start the season off right… Game Changers along the edge!

Indian Creek Reservoir:  Fishing well!  Blood Midges, Calibaetis, Damsels and Buggers.  Float tubing gives you the best access but shore fishing works.  The shallow end is favored when the fish are cruising. The weed beds are starting to go away with the colder temperatures.

Caples Lake:  The Lake is dropping quickly giving great access along the shore.  Walking the shore looking for the cruising fish is more fun!  This is the time of year to throw big and ugly Terrestrials with lots of rubber legs to entice the take! Streamers will do the trick for those that don’t have the patience for the dry fly.

Red Lake Fishing Report:  Still a bit off colored but as we cool down the fishing will improve. Look for risers off of the dam area in the evenings. Midging under an indicator with Blood Midges and PT’s should do the trick!

Silver Lake fishing report:  Similar to Caples Lake Report.

Spooner Lake Fishing Report: Smaller fish but plenty of them.  Leeches, Blood Midges and Ants. The weeds are going away which opens up the access for shore fishing. Float tubing is always the best!

Marlette Lake Fishing Report:  Has been fishing well this Fall but closes at the end of this month! Get up there for the end of the season and throw Terrestrials!

Blue Lakes Fishing Report:   Lakes are low but still have a few fish in them, look for fish cruising the shoreline and throw Terrestrials or Buggers.

Echo Lake: Lots of stockers which makes for some fun times! Fish the area close to the dam with Buggers, Damsels and Calibaetis.

Get out and fish, the season never ends around here!


Fishing Report Header

June 2015

East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 100+ CFS and fluctuating.

The catch and release section below Hangman’s Bridge:  Off colored but clearing!  Stoneflies, March Browns, PMDs, Caddis and Crawdads!  The dry fly fishing has kicked in.  Look for conditions to change do to the Washington Fire that has burned thru the area at the end of the month.

Above the Bridge, put and take section:  Heavily stocked and Fishing well!  Stoneflies, Egg Patterns, San Juan Worms, Copper Johns and Black Wooly Buggers for the subsurface. Stimulators, PMDs, Beetles, Ants and Hoppers. Look for the sections above the Resort to be closed because of the fire.

West Carson River Fishing Report – 20+ CFS and fluctuating:  River is in great shape and fishing well.  mixture of large fish and catchable.  Stonefly Nymphs, Clown Eggs, Large Copper Johns, PT’s and Buggers.  For dries try PMDs, Green Drakes, Ants and Beetles as well as a few Caddis filing in during the evenings. Find the fish is the challenge, best hint is to look around the bridges!

West Walker River Fishing Report- Currently flows are 120 + CFS and fluctuating: Pickle Meadows should be the best opportunity with the canyon section a bit on the high side still but dropping quickly.  Dry Dropper rigs and buggers are working well.  Caddis, PMDs, Hoppers and Beetles. Beaded Nymphs with a bit of flash could be the secret to success.

East Walker River Fishing Report- Flows are 100 CFS.  June 2015:  The flows finally came up a bit but for how long we do not know. Not as many fish but the ones we are getting are large!  Fish it now until the water temps come up then please leave it alone and hope for rain this Summer!  Streamers, Caddis and Ants as well as Caddis Pupa and San Juan Worms.

Little Truckee River Fishing Report- Flows are 30 CFS. June 2015:  The Flows are looking ok for now with numerous fish in the system.  The fish are there but getting as spooky as can be!  Caddis, Beetles, Ants, Drakes and Rusty Spinners will take a fish or two on the surface. Nymphing with small non-beaded Nymphs tends to be the answer these days.

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report- Flows are 0-150+ and variable.

Above the 267 Bridge:  No water coming out of Tahoe so you have to get below some of the feeder creeks for sufficient amounts of water.  Minimum flows thru town and probably a better bet to fish lower sections while the water is still flowing. Look to see if water is coming out of Donner Lake for fishable flows.

Year round section (CA) below 267 Bridge.    The flows are low for this time of the year but fishable.  Crowds have been a factor… try going down stream into the canyon to get away of the masses.  Stones, Big Mayflies, Baetis and Micro Caddis.  Look for fish coming up for Drakes, PMDs, and March Browns as well.  The fish tend to be concentrated so share the river if you find them. Pay attention to water temperatures and stop fishing at 68 degrees. Good chance the River will close to all fishing by the beginning of July unless we cool down and get a good amount of rain.

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report:  Fish it while you can with the idea that it might be gone before you know it.  Should fish well until the temperatures start to effect it.  Crawdads, Stones, Streamers and Mayflies! Every day is different… look for flows to be non existent soon.

Tahoe Area Stillwater’s: May 2015

Pyramid Lake:  Done for the season!

Indian Creek Reservoir:  Fishing well!  Blood Midges, Calibaetis, Damsels and Buggers.  Float tubing gives you the best access but shore fishing works.  The shallow end is favored when the fish are cruising.

Caples Lake:  The Lake is 90% full and fishing well.  Walking the shore looking for the cruising fish is more fun!  Ant Patterns, Calibaetis, Streamers and Blood Midges will work best.

 Red Lake Fishing Report:  The lake looks pretty good… fish the upper end for best results.  Streamers, Blood Midges and San Juan Worms.  Evenings can produce dry fly opportunities.

Silver Lake fishing report-  Similar to Caples Lake Report.

Spooner Lake Fishing Report- Smaller fish but plenty of them.  Leeches, Blood Midges and Ants.

Marlette Lake Fishing Report:  Opens July 15th and could be one of the best opportunities in the area for good fishing! Terrestrials, Leeches and Buggers.

Blue Lakes Fishing Report-   Really low but fishing well kinda like fish in a barrel…

Echo Lake: Lots of stockers which makes for some fun times! Fish the area close to the dam with Buggers Damsels and Calibaetis.

Get out and fish, the season never ends around here!