Fly Fishing Guide Report for The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, The East Carson River and West Carson River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area Still-waters. Updated for June 2014


East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 300 + CFS and fluctuating.

The catch and release section below Hangman’s Bridge:  Flows are low for this time of the year and don’t expect a ton of water for much longer.  There are plenty of fish and the bite has been ok on Streamers and some of the bigger Nymphs.  Look for the fishing to really improve over the next couple of weeks moving in to the month of June.  Stones, Buggers, Mayfly attractor Nymphs and Caddis filling in as we progress into summer.

Above the Bridge, put and take section:  It has been getting a lot of fish put in lately and should fish really well until they are all taken out… as the water comes down the fishing will get easier.  Stones, Buggers, Mayflies and Caddis until we get closer to July.

West Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 65 + CFS

The flows are low for this time of the year and should not get much higher.  Look for fish in herds since most are stocked and usually in only a couple of places.  Find the fish and find the anglers.  Attractor Patterns will be best.  Try Prince Nymphs, Copper Johns, Egg patterns, Stone Fly Nymphs and anything with Sparkle.  The hatches have been great with 5 or 6 different bugs coming off at a time.  Mayflies in all shapes and sizes, look for Green Drakes for the middle of June.

West Walker River Fishing Report- Currently flows are 300 + CFS and fluctuating with run-off.

Look for fish in the deeper pools and fish with Stones, Buggers and Caddis..  Streamers and Egg patterns should work well for a bit longer or until the flows come down.  There are a lot of fish up in Pickle Meadows and should fish well all month.   The Nevada sections should hang in there for a little longer but as it warms the fishing will get tough.

East Walker River Fishing Report- Flows are 50+ CFS.  June  2014

CA section:  Flows are the key to this fishery and will be going up and down but mostly down.  The worry here is when the water temps get above 70 degrees the fish have a hard time surviving.  Don’t expect a great fishery after about the first or second week or so of the month of June.  Until then try Caddis, Stones and a few Mayfly varieties.

Nevada section: Same here, save it for next fall when the temperatures come down.  Once again it should fish ok until about the middle of June then suggested to leave it alone and hope the fish figure out a way to survive.

Little Truckee River Fishing Report- Flows are 250+ CFS and fluctuating. June 2014

Tough fishing with crowds and beat up fish!  Baetis should fish ok for a bit longer as well as Rusty Spinners, PMD’s and some Caddis as we get deeper into June.  Green Drakes should appear soon and beetles as well as Ants are always a good choice.

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report- Flows are 200-700+ and variable.

Above the 267 Bridge:  Fishing pretty well with the flows being about perfect.  Look for fish eating Carpenter Ants, Caddis and a variety of Mayflies.

Year round section (CA) below 267 Bridge.    Once again a bit on the crowded side… look for areas away from anglers in the canyon section.  Stones still working as well as Caddis, Mayflies and the occasional Ant.  Look for the Green Drake for middle of the month!

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report: Still floatable and fishing well.  The lower you go the more the thought is to throw Streamers.  Get it while you can before the water temps get up there.  Mayflies, Caddis and some Stones.

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Learn it and Love it!  We will be doing a limited amount of float trips on the Truckee this Spring, please call for details.

Tahoe Area Stillwaters: June 2014

Pyramid Lake:  Winding down as we get into June, time to start looking forward to next season!

Indian Creek Reservoir:  Fishing well with Damsels, Blood Midges and Calibaetis.  As the weeds start to develop, fish the edges of the beds for best results.  Float tubing is the best method with shore angling all right for now.

Caples Lake:  Fishing really well for fly rodders!  Buggers and Calibaetis seem to be working the best.  Look for dry fly opportunities in the evenings and fish the Dam areas as well as the back side of the lake.

Red Lake Fishing Report:  Fishing ok at the upper end of the lake.  Fish with Nymphs under an indicator or full sinking lines pulling Buggers with a Blood Midge trailer.  Red San Juan’s will work as well.

Silver Lake fishing report-  Similar to Caples Lake Report.  Fish the back side at the inlets with Blood Midges and or Steamers.

Spooner Lake Fishing Report- Seems to have slowed a bit but should fish well into the month of June.  Leeches, Leeches and more Leeches and a Blood Midge for fun!

Marlette Lake Fishing Report:  Opens July 15th!

Blue Lakes Fishing Report-   Should be open by the first part of June and they put a fare amount of fish in them last year.  Best fished from a boat or float tube.  Streamers, Water Boatmen, Leech patterns and Calibaetis.

Get out and fish, the season never ends around here!

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