Fly Fishing Guide Report for The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, The East Carson River and West Carson River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area Stillwaters. Updated for April 2014


East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 125 + CFS and fluctuating

The catch and release section below Hangman’s Bridge:  Hit and Miss! Not a lot of water in them there hills so look for a light runoff and continued access with decent conditions.  Look for Basic bugs to work.  Stones, Baetis and Caddis have been the best and maybe even a San Juan Worm.  Look for fish in the holes and runs on warm days.  The further downstream you can get the better!

West Carson River Fishing Report – Closed until Spring…  You will see people fishing on occasion, be nice and let them know it is closed until the last Saturday in April.  Should be a great opener on the 26th this year with the low flows that are anticipated!  Stones, Caddis and Egg Patterns!

West Walker River Fishing Report– Currently flows are 60 + CFS and fluctuating.

Ca section below highway 395 Bridge now open to year round fishing!  Look for fish in the deeper pools and fish with Baetis, Stones and Caddis for April.  Streamers and Egg patterns should work well also the closer we get to the end of April.  The Nevada sections can be fun and stay open all year.  Try The Hoye Canyon section above Wellington or the Wilson Canyon section below Smith Valley.   The flows will vary with storms and usually fishes well on cloudy days.  Both of these sections can get fished out but look for fish that will move into the area or after NDOW stocks!

East Walker River Fishing Report– Flows are 40+ CFS.  April  2014

CA section:  Flows are at Winter/Spring minimums but will be fluctuating as the ranchers call for water.  Don’t expect much for flows since the reservoir is going to be low this spring.  Fish with Baetis, Stones and Caddis.  Pattern sizes should be in the 18-20 range for Baetis, size 10-12 for the Stones and 16-18 for the Caddis.  Look for Dry Squalla action in the afternoons.  Cloudy days are worth a look! Otherwise down and dirty in the buckets.  Streamers will take a fish or two especially towards the end of the day.

Nevada section: The Rosachi Ranch has smaller crowds and can be awesome this time of the year.  Best fishing is during the middle part of the day.  Small Baetis nymphs and midge pupae are working with the occasional dry take.  Attractor dries used as an indicator will fool them now and again.  The stones are there and the fish are eating them, fish dry and watch the action!

 Guides Available call 530-541-8208

Little Truckee River Fishing Report– Flows are 270+ CFS. April 2014

The fish are getting beat up with all the Winter pressure.  Look for fish on the rise taking Baetis as well as a Midge or two.   Nymphing with a Baetis emerger during the middle of the day.   With the low snow this year the fish have been getting a lot of pressure so expect tough fish!

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report– Flows are 120-400+ and variable.

Above the 267 Bridge:  Closed for the winter!  Opens April 26th!

Year round section (CA) below 267 Bridge.    Hit and miss fishing all winter long.  Access is great without the snow.  Baetis, Squalla and March Browns.  Look for Caddis as well with the early Spring. Afternoons will be best as the temperatures rise.  Squalla Stones especially in the lower sections!

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report:  Look for cloudy days for best dry options.  Should fish ok during April with bigger bugs than Winter.  Streamer fishing should kick in as well!  Above town has Squallas and Baetis and look for March Browns soon.  Below town best left to the Streamer fishing crew!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Learn it and Love it!  We will be doing a limited amount of float trips on the Truckee this Spring, please call for details.

Tahoe Area Stillwaters: April 2014

Pyramid Lake- Prime time on the lake!  Throw shooting heads early and nymphing the rest of the time.  The fish are keying up for spawn and showing in abundance along the shore lines.  Chironomids under an indicator or Copper Johns work well.  Try two colors of buggers in a light and a dark pattern.  Big Fish are showing and the numbers are increasing by the day.  Look for weather to bring on the bite!

Indian Creek Reservoir – Buggers in Black, Olive and or Brown will work along the edges.  Blood Midges are all the rage as we get into the month of April.  Indicator nymphing works well but look for fish taking Blood Midges off of the surface.  Damsels Nymphs will take a few fish this time of year as well!  Float tubing will increase your chances.

Caples Lake:  Still frozen at the beginning of April but look for thaw to be early this year.  Ice Fishing is done in my opinion, it is not safe to be on the ice.  Fish the edges as they start to thaw with Streamers as well as the inlet areas.  Macks like to cruise the edges looking for minnows!

Red Lake Fishing Report:  Ice is done and the upper section of the lake should be ok for indicator nymphing.  Try a San Juan Worm and a Copper John for the Brook Trout!   The last couple of seasons have not been too god with the lake be off colored most of the summer.  Who knows what will happen this year…

Silver Lake fishing report–  Fishing with streamers along the edges.  This is the time to be on Silver looking for big Macks and Browns.  Possible Blood Midges as well with dry fly opportunities.  Big Olive Streamers work well.

Spooner Lake Fishing Report– Days away from thawing, check for conditions. Always fishes great early in the season and look for Blood Midges and Leaches to work the best.  Lots of fish and best fished from a float tube with some shore success as well.  Dam area tends to fish well.

Marlette Lake Fishing Report– Closed for the season

Blue Lakes Fishing Report–   Closed for the season

Get out and fish, the season never ends around here!

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