Fly Fishing Guide Report for The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, The East Carson River and West Carson River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area Stillwaters. Updated for July 19th, 2012!

Fishing Report for the Truckee River and Little Truckee River, East Walker River and West Walker River, West Carson and East Carson Rivers, and many Tahoe area Stillwaters. Updated July 6, 2012!  

We offer guided fly fishing year round on the Carson, Truckee and Walker Rivers.  Caples, Red Lake, Spooner Lake, Indian Creek Reservoir and Boca Reservoir as well.

East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 89+ CFS.  July 19, 2012

Above Hangman’s Bridge   Running nymph rigs can produce fish, with caddis pupae, San Juan Worms, Copper Johns, PT’s and Stonefly Nymphs!  Dry flies are starting to rip it up!  Fish Yellow Sallies, Cripple Caddis and PMD’s.  The stocked sections around the bridges and the Carson River Resort have been fishing well for Rainbows and our newly added Lahontan Cutties.   

The catch and release section below Hangman’s Bridge is good one day and slow the next.  With the water lower, it depends on who has been there before you.    Nymphing is good early in the day and slower in the afternoons on the hotter days.  The fishing has been great one day and mediocre the next.  The dry fly fishing is primarily in the evenings and mornings with Caddis, PMDs and Yellow Sallies coming out when the wind isn’t ripping.  Hopper fishing has picked up in the last week.  There is a little extra water in there this week from Kinney Lakes so the fish have spread out a little better and aren’t stuffed into the oxygen in the fronts of the holes.  Again, different from one day to the next.  The further you hike the better!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  

West Carson River Fishing Report – Currently at 27+ CFS and stable.

The West Carson River is tough but fishable.  Stealth is the key with fish hiding during the midday hours.   The river has been stocked, fish are being caught Nymphing: S J worms, Stoneflies and Copper Johns and on Streamers: White, Black Buggers, White Muddy Buddies.  Fish the sections around the bridges which are where the fish will be congregating after being dumped from a truck!  The West Carson Fish will look up at hoppers, caddis and little yellow stones on the surface so try some dries, too.  PMD’s in a pale orange have been coming off as well. Fish the pocket water to get away from other anglers.

West Walker River Fishing Report– Currently flows are at 58+ CFS. 

The California sections along hwy 395 are fishing well as are the sections above the highway.  Lots of fish have been planted which makes for a good time for those that like an easier fishery!  The flows are pretty stable and the fishing good on days that it isn’t scorching.  There is hopper fishing to be had on windy days.  The dry fly fishing is great in the evenings with ample caddis hatches.  If the wind is blowing, look for fish rising in more protected areas or where wind will blow the bugs against a bank.  

The Nevada sections can be fun and stay open all year.  Try The Hoye Canyon section above Wellington or the Wilson Canyon section below Smith Valley.    Fish them early before the temps come up.  Another fun fishery is the Tube below Topaz Lake which can hold some pretty nice fish as well as stockers from NDOW. They have dropped the flows in this section and the water has cleared.  There are caddis hatches in the evenings through the whole lower river right now. 

East Walker River Fishing Report– Flows are 123+ CFS. July 19, 2012

CA section:  The miracle mile is a tough fish this time of year.  If you can get up earlier than the fish, you are good.  It isn’t crowded which is nice.  Small nymphs and hoppers will catch fish.  Fish early and give the fish a break during the hot part of the day!

Nevada section: The Rosachi ranch is fishing well early in the day.  And, we mean early, especially on the hot days.  The fish have started looking at hoppers in the last week.  Whack the banks with a hopper and then nymph back up.  

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  We have been guiding and fishing the EW quite a bit lately and producing numerous fish days!

Little Truckee River Fishing Report– Flows are 106+ CFS.  July 6, 2012

Crowded as usual as the flows on the BT are intimidating.  Fishing with dries to very selective trout is what is up.  They are eating PMDs, beetles, ants, etc.  Bring your A game and have fun being challenged.  Nymphing is productive but mossy!  Watch for crowds!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208)  

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report– Flows on the Truckee are above 394+ CFS near the town of Truckee and 500+ CFS below Boca Bridge.  July 19, 2012

Open above the 267 Bridge.  There is a lot of water but the caddis and sally hatches in the evenings should bring fish to the surface in the slower sections.

Year round section below 267.    The fishing became much more challenging with the release of water out of Tahoe but every day has been different.  Some days are on fire and some are tough.  The water temps are holding but finding accessible fish can be tough. Fish with green drake nymphs, pheasant tails, caddis pupae and smaller streamers. The pocket water is fishable, but very interesting wading still.  Fish Early! 

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report– Flows on the Truckee in Nevada are 375+ CFS.

With the lower flows the fishing should really improve.  Look for Caddis and more Caddis as well as Yellow Sallies and Hoppers. They have started to move closer to the rivers edge!  Streamer fishing should hold its’ own… 

Flows are still good for floating, get it while you can!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208).  Learn it and Love it!  We will be doing a limited amount of float trips on the Truckee this Summer, please call for details.

Tahoe Area Stillwaters:  July 19, 2012

Pyramid Lake-  Closed June 30th.

Indian Creek Reservoir – There are still plenty of fish in Indian Creek but thinning quickly.  It will probably not get stocked again for a while.  Buggers in Black, Olive and or Brown have been working well.  The Blood Midges go on certain evenings and the only way to hit is to be out there!  Full sinking lines from a float tube have produced the best results.  Fish a bugger followed by a Blood Midge Nymph.  There are some rising fish on calm evenings.  The damsels are going but will be better with warmer temps. The weeds come with the warmer temps so get your ICR days in now.  The wind report out ofMinden will give you an idea of the winds at ICR.   Should be fun for awhile until the fish get taken out.  Fish in the channels among the weed beds.

Caples Lake – Fishing well from a floatation device.  Sinking lines are working the best in and around rocky areas.  Look for the inlet area to fish well as well as a few spots around the dams.  Streamers, Streamers and more Streamers.   A small nymph or lake nymph trailer will increase your odds.  Rent a boat at Caples Lake Resort for a fun experience and fish the Emigrant Bay area!  Fish will also eat the Big Terrestrial especially with rubber legs! 

Red Lake Fishing Report– Red is fishing okay with periods of bite during the day and better without a gale force wind.  An intermediate line with a Woolly Bugger and small nymph trailer is your best bet.  You can also do slow wind drifts with an indicator on Red and be productive.  There is a bloom right now and we are waiting for the lake to turn and it will improve!

Silver Lake fishing report– Silver is fishing similarly to Caples.  Fish from a boat or floatation device and cast toward shore with slow retrieves of streamers and small nymphs. 

Spooner Lake Fishing Report– There are numerous fish in the lake!  Walk the shore and look for moving damsel nymphs and put your fly in there.  Leeches, Buggers, Blood Midges and Worms will work the best!  Float tubing is the way to go.  I think Spooner Lake has some of the best Stillwater fishing in the Central Sierra and the opportunity to catch a Tiger Trout!

Guides Available call (530-541-8208). 

Marlette Lake Fishing Report– Fishing  well with Terrestrials, Leeches and Damsels!

Blue Lakes Fishing Report– The gates and campgrounds are open.  It is fishing well by the dam and in the calmer coves if windy!

We have offered guiding on most of these waters for over 15 years. The shop is fully stocked with all the latest equipment and flies needed to fish the Eastern Sierra and more. Call 530-541-8208 or stop by the shop for more info. We will be updating our fishing report often so check for the most up to date reports!

Get out and fish!  When releasing fish during these hot summer months, let the fish fully revive and kick out of your hand.  Do not over fight fish.

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