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March 2018


Fly Fishing Report March 2018.  Normally I would say it is time to get out and fish but as I watch the snow fall (finally), in an amount that might count, I reflect on all the fishing we have had this past Winter due to the small amount of weather we received previous to this particular storm. March 1st is usually the time we hit the Walker River or the Lower Truckee and sometimes the East Carson River but we already have and it was good. Stones were hatching early, fish were eating with the elevated water temperatures and the drive was simple. We need the water so I am not complaining about the break that is forced upon us and with a little snow on the ground it shouldn’t stop us from getting back to it.  Enjoy the Fly Fishing Report!

Pyramid Lake is the Crown Jewel of the month of March and is just starting to fill in with numerous fish being caught this past week and it should only get better as we get further into the month. Bobber fishing has been tops with Chironomids, Nymphs and Balance Leeches. Traditional stripping has been producing some action as well with Boobies, Buggers and Chub Patterns. Pyramid Lake would be your chance at catching a fish of a lifetime with many fish going over the 10-20 pound size. Take a Pyramid style ladder, 2 rods (one set up for stripping and one for bobber fishing), warm clothes, Good Gloves and waders that do not leak. Nothing worse than not being prepared for the conditions at Pyramid!

The East Walker River has seen a bit of a resurgence of late with some larger fish being caught with streamers and a mixture of sized fish under an indicator. The best part of March on the East Walker is the opportunity to fish with dry flies. Skwala Stones, Midges and Blue Wing Olives, especially on a cloudy day. One of my old favorites was a Turks Tarantula fished dry then stripped back as a streamer! Everything from the Miracle Mile all the way down to the Elbow has been fishing well, maybe not like it did a bunch of years ago but definitely worth the effort!

The East Carson River has been fun this Winter season and fishing way better than I can remember since they opened it below Hangman’s to year round fishing some years ago. Even with the snow on the ground the fishing has held its’ own and should continue to over the next month or so. Take a hike and get down stream for better opportunities. The Skwalas, Baetis and Midges have been around as well as Worm patterns, Egg patterns and occasionally a streamer bite.

The Truckee River has also shown that it is quite resilient and fished well in the Nevada sections this year as well as the California side. Stones, Baetis and Midges as well as Worm patterns and Streamers. The Lower River is on its’ way back and hopefully within a few years should be great again if we continue to get water. We floated a couple of sections of the river last month and had some marginal success but caught fish. The Little Truckee has been accessible all Winter until now and the hatches have been good. depending on how much snow we get will determine access going forward. Not a bad thing in my opinion as the River could use a bit of a rest.

Indian Creek Reservoir is another opportunity in the lower elevations and has been fishing well with Buggers, Blood Midges and Chironomids under an Indicator. Float tubes give you the best shot at these fish but shore fishing can be successful as well. Look for the best fishing to be in the shallow end or along the Dam face. There are numerous other opportunities in the greater Tahoe area, just ask!

Thanks for reading and I hope this gets you out on the water! Stop by the shop for more up to date reports and further details, we can set you up with whatever you might need for a wonderful day on the water!   Good luck fishing and enjoy your surroundings. 530-541-8208


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