Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt March 2019

Fly Fishing with Victor Babbitt March 2019

I hope you all appreciate this amount of snow we are getting, it does make for better fishing! Short term it reeks havoc on our ability to get to the water and wet a line. But I will always take every drop we can get because sometime down the road it will have had a positive effect on our fisheries. Think fish tank with an Oscar… fish gets bigger in a bigger tank. On the other side is drought, that nasty word that only brings off season fishing but kills opportunity and fish when flows get too low. I liked last year, good fishing most of the Winter and then one month of snow to catch us up and to help fill our reservoirs. This year has its’ ridiculousness though and I am ready to see the sun shine and the fish to rise, bring on Summer!

The Talk of the town again this March is Pyramid Lake. Pyramid has been off the charts for large fish this Winter and the numbers game should start soon. Indo fishing or stripping buggers etc have both been working but I think as we get closer to Spring the Indo fishing will increase. Chironomids and balance leeches are best but don’t be afraid to try something new or something you have designed, the fish don’t tend to be too picky. Be in the right place at the right time and hang on!

In past posts over the years I have always been afraid of high flows on the Truckee. But after the 2017 Season with all that snow and with the similarities to this year the fishing should be fine particularly when the flows are bank to bank and pressing the 5-6 thousand CFS range. The fish just move to the side and they still have to eat. It is when the river goes to chocolate milk that the fish get hard to find. The river has made a great comeback again this year and we should look forward to seeing some sizable fish this Summer season!

The Little Truckee River could get a bit of a forced break this Spring due to the tough access which makes for less pressure and the fish get a rest. There are still a few hardy souls that access via machine but not nearly as many as when the road is drivable. When we do get access this year it will probably be on the high side but fishable well into the Summer. Think the month of May but not easily crossable.

The East Carson River was a jewel last season during the Winter but somewhat unfishable this year since early January and it could be a long while before we see it again. To compare to the 2017 season, we did not get on the river until the second week of August. Makes for great drifting/rafting but a little tough on the fishing. Maybe a few opportunities during the end of March and into April if the runoff doesn’t get an early kick off. Always check the flows and anything under 600 CFS if it is clear to green is fishable!

Indian Creek Reservoir, with the low level snow, has been a tough haul to get to. I believe you can get to it from the back road but not yet from the front side. Blood Midges and Leech Patterns in the shallows should do the trick!

Topaz Lake tends to be a good option when we have all this snow. Fish the shallow end to the South and look for fish rolling or eating off the surface. This lake has a good population of Blood Midges as well as leeches that the fish tend to get on especially on some of the warmer days.

This is just a synopsis of the fishing to come and if you are a diehard angler, you will find some fishing opportunities over the next month and not just at Pyramid Lake. Think travel, think coastal or even Steelhead opportunities over the next month and enjoy!

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