Tahoe/Truckee Area Fly Fishing Report


Truckee/Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report April 18


Tahoe/Truckee Fly Fishing Report April 2018

The Tahoe/Truckee area hasĀ been saved by Mother Nature once again during the Month of March! We have Water so no longer do we have to worry about the survival of fish this Summer, now we can concentrate on catching them and helping them on their return to significance. Angling opportunities, as we call it, an opportunity to catch a fish by angling. Those opportunities have become farther and fewer in between because of numerous reasons and some being the removal of Trout that are considered invasive to our area waters. Let us hope the agencies figure some way to bring back the LCT, as of late they have not been successful via Science or conjecture. Long live the 98% fish, extinct but not…

Those fisheries that have been seeing a bit of a comeback from the drought years of the recent past are showing signs of recovery! The East Walker River has made a quicker recovery than I thought it would and has been fishing quite well on both sides of the state line. Hatches have been good and the river is cleaned out and looking very healthy. Streamer fishing has been good at the higher flows with Baetis and Squallas working for the nymph anglers and for the occasional dry fly opportunity when the flows are down. Look for Squallas and micro Caddis to be best during the month of April.

The East Carson River has seen some good fishing this Winter and should continue to fish well into the month of April with the general opener at the end of the month. Stones, Baetis and Midges have been fishing well with Egg patterns and Worm patterns working when the water color is tinted. Streamers will work especially on those runoff days as the flows reach the 600 CFS rate and above. As the water starts to warm the fish should move out of the deeper holes and into the runs as well as spreading out amongst the river.

The Truckee River slowed for a bit with the snow storms but has already returned to fishable conditions. The Glenshire, Hirschdale and Canyon sections in California have all been productive with Stones, Baetis and Midges this Winter and will continue to fish well during the month of April. The Little Truckee will get more and more consistent as we get deeper in

to Spring as it is getting a little bit of a rest with access issues due to snow. Those that can get up there should be looking for a strong Baetis hatch especially on cloudy days. Watch for spawning fish to start up any time now and please stay away from the Redds!

Pyramid Lake has had a great kickoff this season and is looking to fish as good as ever this Spring. All the usual flies have been working including the Boobies, Beetles, Tadpoles and a long list of other foam flies for stripping. Buggers, Streamers, Chironomids, Nymphs and just about anything else you tie on has been working. The fish are abundant and they like to eat!

Indian Creek Reservoir is another fun place to fish this time of year and should be done from a float tube for best access. Or fish the shallow end which can be waded along the South shore. Blood Midges are the usual hatch this time of the year but they will eat Leech Patterns, Chironomids, Prince Nymphs and occasionally a San Juan Worm under an indicator. These are Stocked fish so approach the fishery with that in mind because you are going to see a lot of fish taken along the shore and of course not returned to the water!

Get out and fish while enjoying the outdoors, Spring is upon us and Summer is just around the corner. For more information about these fisheries or any others in Tahoe area, stop by the shop or give us a call and we will do our best to get you on the right track and hopefully into a fish or two! For those that would like to get an early start we are offering our Introduction to Fly Fishing course, during the month of April, 2 for the price of one. You can find us at 2705 Lake Tahoe Blvd or call us at 530-541-8208.

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