Tahoe/Truckee Area July Fishing Report

Overall the rivers and lakes in the Tahoe area are in pretty good shape even with a mild winter. Do check water temps and stop when it gets too warm for safe catch and release tactics, above 65 degrees means its too warm.  It is not worth harming the fish you an still catch later in the year just to get a grip and grin.  Keep them wet and give them time to revive.   We have seen the majority of runoff on the freestone rivers (West Walker, West Carson, East Carson).  Tailwaters have been dependent on the release upstream (Truckee, East Walker, Little Truckee).  Don’t forget to be aware of the regulations of the waters you are fishing.

West Walker- Good flows and plenty of fish.  The stockings have been good and the river looks great.  Golden Stoneflies, PMD’s, and plenty of caddis.

East Walker- Go early and keep an eye on water temps. The water coming out of the reservoir is off the top so it can get warm quickly in the California side so take a thermometer and be considerate of the fish.  Not worth stressing or even worse killing the fish.  PMD’s, Caddis, Beatis, and Midges.

Truckee River- Flows are great but be careful crossing if you don’t know the section you’re fishing well.  A few crowds enjoying the river so be courteous and aware of others.  Temps have been getting warm in the afternoon so shoot for earlier mornings and take the thermometer. Golden Stones, PMDs, Beatis, Midges and Caddis

Little Truckee – Flows are up and higher than normal which has been great to see.  Crowds have been big for a small water way. Please use river etiquette and respectful to others while fishing.  PMDs, Caddis, Midges and Beatis.

East Carson –   Flows are lower than normal for this time of year but water temps have been good so far.  We expect to see a little warm up of those with higher temps in the forecast.  Morning seems to be the better time but fishing in the evening you will see a few more caddis and a few more heads pocking up.  Golden Stones, PMDs, Caddis, and midges. A few hoppers starting to move around too.

West Carson –  Flows are great for dry fly fishing and fish are looking up.  Mid morning into evening for dries and early morning you may need to add a dropper.  Golden Stones, Caddis, PMDs, Midges, and a few hoppers.

Caples Lake – Water temps have coming up but fishing well with fish higher in the water column in the early morning and late evening.  Balanced Leeches, midges and callibeatis under the indicator.  Big Foamy/Bushy Dries in the evenings.  Leeches, Callibeatis, Chironomids, Ants, Beetles, and Hoppers.

Spooner Lake –  Getting weedy along the edges.  Try to cast out past the weed line or get on a float tube/kayak for the best results.  Leeches, Tui Chub Imitations and Chironomids. Indicator with floating line or sinking line best for streamers/leeches.

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