Truckee Tahoe Fly Fishing Guide Report for The Truckee River and Little Truckee River, The East Carson River and West Carson River, East Walker River and West Walker River, and many Tahoe area Stillwaters. Updated for June 25, 2013!


East Carson River Fishing Report – Currently flowing at 200+ CFS

The catch and release section Below Hangman’s Bridge:  Prime time on the East Carson River!  The flows are perfect and the fish are looking up, the further downstream you get the better.  The PMD’s, Drakes, Caddis, Yellow Sallies and Stones have been coming off throughout the day.  The evening hatch has been the best with PMD’s.  The fish seem to move quite a bit and are not always in the same places as the week before, look for them in faster water as things warm up.

Above Hangman’s Bridge:  Fishing well from Hangman’s Bridge up to the Highway 4 Bridge.  Look for areas where the stocking truck can get to and there should be fish!  Hatches have been good with PMD’s, Caddis, Little Yellow Sallies, Stones and Ants.  Fish a Stimulator with a dropper Nymph or pull a Bugger for best results.  The Resort area as well as the Campgrounds have been good.  Look for fish above the Highway four Bridge as well and if you want more of a wild trout experience fish above WolfCreek in the Backcountry!

West Carson River Fishing Report – Flows are 40+ CFS running clear

Perfect shape for now but expect the flows to subside soon which could make for tough fishing.  The Pocket Water sections in the Canyon are fishing the best from about Sorenson’s down stream to the Woodfords area.  The meadow has been good but with the lower flows the fish tend to be spooky.  There is a lot of Little Cutthroat in the system with a few bigger Rainbows planted by Alpine County.  PMD’s, Yellow Sallies and a few Green Drakes as well as Beetles and Ants on the surface.  Subsurface: Copper Johns, Flashback PT’s, Yellow Sally Nymphs and Buggers.  The BlueLakes road area can be a lot of fun for smaller fish!

West Walker River Fishing Report– Flows are 400+ CFS 

Still kind of on the high side but fishing well.  Start up high and fish the lower flows.  Buggers, Glow Bugs, Stones and attractor Nymphs will do best. Caddis are starting to show and will take a few fish.  Look for areas close to the road where they tend to stock for best results. Great area to catch Big fish!

The Nevada sections can be fun and stay open all year.   Try The Hoye Canyon section above Wellington or the WilsonCanyon section below SmithValley.  Streamers or Mouse Patterns are worth a try. Another fun fishery is the Tube below TopazLake which can hold some pretty nice fish as well as stockers from NDOW. The flows will vary with storms and usually fishes well on cloudy days.

East Walker River Fishing Report– Flows are 75+ CFS and fluctuating due to this low water year.

CA section:  Look for lower flows this Summer and a lot of fluctuation.  The ranchers will have to be watching the water flows closely because of low snow pack and minor run-off.  Fishing should stay good through the month of June and into July until the temps get to high.  The fish don’t seem to be bothered by the fluctuating flows.  They just like to eat!  Midges, Micro Caddis, Caddis and PMD’s.  Dries have been fun and should continue with Caddis, PMD’s and Stones working the best.  Dries will be mainly early in the morning with Nymphing working best towards the middle of the day.  Once the water temps hit 68 or so you should quit fishing and some days that happens as early as 10 am.  No sense killing fish by over fighting them on a warm water day.

Nevada section: The Rosachi ranch is fishing well. Mornings and evenings will be best as the temperatures rise.  Attractor dries used as an indicator will fool them now and again with a dropper Caddis nymph. Stonefly and Hopper imitations will still take fish!  With the low flows this will not be the summer to fish the Rosachi past about the end of June.  Get it while it is good then give it a rest! 

Little Truckee River Fishing Report– Flows are 200+ CFS.

With these flows the fishing has been good but tough.  The Drakes have been popping and the fish have been keying on them, no way to tell how long that will last.  The PMD’s have been pretty good as well with the Rusty Spinner doing well at the end of the day.  Beetles and Ants will still take a fish even when the hatch is on.  Dry fly is the name of the game although Nymphs will take fish but where is the fun in that?  Mid day fishing is good and evenings are even better.   As usual, watch for crowds and fish the whole river!

Truckee River (Ca) Fishing Report– 400+ in town and 700 plus below Boca. Flows are variable but good.

Above the 267 Bridge:  Flows are in prime shape and the fishing is good.  Look for Yellow Sallies, Stones, Caddis,  PMD’s and Green Drakes.  The evening hatches of Caddis have been wonderful until dark!  Streamers will take a fish or two as well especially early or late in the day.     

Year round section (CA) below 267 Bridge:  As the upper sections, the flows are great for this time of the year and should stay that way for the month of June into July.  Golden Stones, PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, Green Drakes and Crawdad imitations.  The dry fly fishing has been great some days and the Nymphing good.  The Glenshire area, Below Prosser Creek and just above the Boca inlet have been good.  Surprisingly the fishing in the Herschdale area has been good as well even with the higher flows.  The word is the canyon section has been great with Caddis into the evenings.

Truckee River (Nv) Fishing Report:  Looks like the flows should stay pretty good with the best fishing being west of Reno.   Crawdads, Stones and Attractor Nymphs will work under an indicator. The upper sections have been good with dries and dry dropper rigs.  Flows are still good for floating if you get the chance. It is amazing how many miles of the Truckee are fishing well these days, spread out and fish them all!

Tahoe Area Stillwaters: June 25, 2013

Pyramid Lake- The stories are that the fish are bigger this year but not as many as past years.  Done until next season!

Indian Creek Reservoir – Fishing has been doing well with Buggers, Calibaetis, Damsels and Blood Midges.  Look for the evenings when the wind dies down for some good action on the surface with Blood Midges and Damsel Nymphs. Buggers in Black, Olive and or Brown have been working well.  Float tubing gives you the best opportunity and the shallow end seems to fish the best this time of year. 

Caples LakeThings have been getting better lately with quite a few fish being taken around the Woods Creek Area.  Big ugly dries or pulling streamers are your best bet.  Renting a boat and accessing the Emigrant bay area is a lot of fun and the fishing can be great back there.  The Dam area as well as the Spillway tend to fish well for all of the stockers that have been put in lately and  a lot of them are huge!

Red Lake Fishing Report– Float tube the upper end for best results.  San Juan Worms hung under an indicator with a Copper John or Blood Midge Dropper will work well.  Trolling Buggers will take a few as well.  Try the Dam Area during the evenings for fish rising to Para Adams if you can keep them away from the Bats!

Silver Lake fishing report– Lots of fish have been stocked lately and the bite has been on.  Blood Midges, Buggers and Leech Patterns are the diet.  Look for fish rising to the Blood Midge on the back side of the lake or fish a Para Adams late in the day.

Spooner Lake Fishing Report– Open and fishing well with Leeches and Blood Midges.  Fish a varied strip from really slow to erratic and fast.  You need a float tube for best access but shore fishing can be productive around the dam area.  As the water warms you will need to be in a boat due to heavy weed beds.

Marlette Lake Fishing Report– Closed for the season

Get out and fish, the season never ends around here!


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