Welcome to summertime!

Sorry for the lapse in posts guys! I have bin in the middle of moving and busy season. I am figuring out how to post by phone in free time. As far as fishing goes it full on summer, wet wading, evening hatches, and of course crowds!image
With the crowds I mentioned now is a great time to check out private water and no better place than our own sawmill lake. We have had lots of fun sight fishing with ant and beetle patterns. It’s also a great mid morning game if you aren’t into 445 am wake ups!
With warm weather we our ditching waders for guard socks and board shorts. This is what we dream about in January! Also with the warmth and long days we are getting great evening hatches. Caddis caddis caddis, and some great pmd action as well. It’s a good idea to go late and stay late! We offer 2 hour evening rise trips this time of year and it’s a great opportunity to fine tune your skills and have someone else deal with threading that 5x thru that size #18 hook for you. Give the shop a call for more info and get out there!

It goes zero to a hundred real quick

As always, but especially during springtime things can go from zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye. One minute the water appears lifeless and the next it seems every fish in the river is up. A little persistence can go a long way tho. If you don’t let it discourage you and you stick it out most spring days it will turn on for you….eventually.
We are all getting excited for summer now and with that being said we are starting to think beyond just our go to Truckee and Little Truckee. With the Carsons still a swollen and the high country still snowed in its a great time for some stillwater. Spring is a good time for hog hunting and it doesn’t get much better than our own Sawmill Lake at Northstar! Rite now there is a little walking involved on account of snow and mud on the road but if you are willing to walk it is well worth the effort! Give the shop a call to book the lake or with questions. -See ya on the water!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter all, I hope you had a great day. I have had the pleasure of being on the water most days this week and man is it great! We have a nice BWO hatch in the afternoons, and indo fishing with small baetis and midge patterns in the morning will do some damage as well.
The Truckee rarely gives up fish easy, but the next 6 weeks or so (river flow/weather permitting) should be some of the best fishing of the year. Come on up and lets get after it before the crowds of summer are here!

It won’t be long now.

No, it won’t be long now. It won’t be long and we will be spending our long summer days chasing trout in our favorite areas again. Soon we will be time to head back into the cold clear mountain streams of summer. Guard socks and wet wading, 3 weights and dry flys. Evening hatches that keep you on the water until well after dark. It will all be here before you know it!
Now is the time to stop procrastinating and start planning! Start looking at the calendar, call those fishing buddies and get those summer trips planed out. With more storms dumping lots of that white stuff on the mountains we are looking forward to our best summer in years! Call or email the shop with any questions, just remember it won’t be long now…..

The canyon is alive and well. Truckee River Fly Fishing.


This morning the air is crisp.  The canyon still has some shade in it.  But up along the steep canyon banks of the Truckee River the sun is a blazing and the hoppers are still jumping about.  This week feels like summer is trying to peek her head out for one last hoo raw.  The water has a nice bite to it, we are still wearing our shorts because we are not ready to put those crusty waders back on. ( I found out how leaky they are this past week at pyramid, yuck).  The fish are eating well and appear to have made it through the summer in great shape.  Well, at least the ones down here below the mouth of Boca through out the deep canyon.  We are best to avoid the drought ridden upper sections.  It is quite sad in the town of Tahoe City these days along the Truckee River.  And even worse one might say down in the desert of Nevada where those beastly fish once roamed.  Hopefully mother nature is kind to us and our fishy friends this winter.  But for now a small section of the river is still in great shape and fish able in a good way.  You just have to know where to look.


Fly Fishing tail waters in the Sierras


This week we went off and explored some temperamental tail waters.  Not all tail waters are so inconsistent.  But in a huge drought year everything can be all over the place as far as flows.  We have the Little Truckee river for instance being a tail water that is a bit more consistent, than say the East Walker the past few years.  All these streams or rivers rely on flows being released from lakes via dams.  Being that we have been in a bit of a drought the last few years we have had very little water to let loose on these streams.   Some of these water sheds are managed a bit differently than others, in return they fish differently as well.

Yesterday we were able to go and check out some tail waters that were way too low this season for fishing at all.  With that being said a few of them have been rippin the past few weeks.  Water is being sold down stream and the fish are loving it!  The cool thing about some of these sections is the numerous types of trout that hold in them.  If persistent one could snag a hat trick on a single river.  That’s right…rainbow, brown and even a brook trout.  With that being said, these tail waters turn off at the drop of a hat.  So do some research before making that drive.  Or better yet, pop on in the shop  to bs or spend a portion of your day with one of our guides.

Fly Fishing the Sierras- East and West Carson Rivers


The good news is here up high in the mountains.  Summer is on her way out and fall is quickly on her way in.  If watching those beautiful aspens shed their fiery leaves while kicking drifts down soft seams is your thing, well now is the time!  We had our first frost of the morning yesterday with temps kicking back up into the mid to high 70s in the afternoon….perfect weather!  The water temps have also dropped drastically in our area with these cool nights and mild day time temperatures.  The fish are eager and willing as long as your able to come spend the time in to trick these feisty trout.  We have the October caddis hatch popping off any time now.  And soon after that comes the snow….well so we hope.  Fingers crossed.  So if you would like to get out one last time before that white stuff hits the ground feel free to drop on in the shop or shoot us a ring.  We at Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters would love to show you guys and gals around in our backyard.

East Walker Kite Surfing

If it was wide enough and you were good enough, it could have been done yesterday. As I drove through Bridgeport on the way to the river, there was alkali dust blowing across 395 that looked like a snow blizzard. I thought I was pretty much screwed in regards to fishing as I was hoping to throw dry flies. As I drove by Bridgeport Reservoir, I thought, “what a great day for kite surfing!” The fishing was actually great. Half of my casts didn’t go anywhere I intended but the fish were looking up and eating dry flies. The fishing was solid from noon to 7 (this is when the sun went down, the breezes off the snow capped Sierras dropped 20 degrees in temp and wet wading suddenly became a bad idea) and I left as I could not feel my fingers. Standing in the river at that point was actually warmer than out in the wind. The fish ate all small flies 18s to 22s. I only say 2 caddis adults all day. They have to be ready to pop any day. The wind was ridiculous but the fish didn’t care. For the first time in three months I was able to look up and downstream and not see anyone for most of the day. The pictures are of gently released fish who were kind enough to stick around while I dug out the camera.

Fishing Report for May 2nd, 2011

Fishing Report for the East and West Walker Rivers, East and West Carson Rivers, The Lower and Little Truckee Rivers, and many Tahoe area still waters. Updated May 2, 2011
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Tahoe area fishing report for May 2nd, 2011

We offer guided fly fishing year round on the Carson, Truckee and Walker rivers.

East Carson River fishing report – Currently flowing at 936cfs. Above Hangman’s Bridge – With Opening Weekend come and gone, Fish have been stocked but flows are High!! Catch and release section below Hangman’s Bridge: The East Carson tends to really slow down during the high water. Nymphing with small baetis and Stonefly patterns is the best bet during this time of year, Or running big Streamers in Black or Olive. Try Fishing the slow tailouts and deeper pools, and the water’s edge with large Stonefly and large baetis patterns. For dries: Wouldn’t even think about it. Nymphs- Fox’s poopah tan 12-16, size 8-10 Stonefly’s, 10-16 mayfly’s black and olive 16-18, pheasant tails 12-16,. Streamers-buggers in Olive, White and black, woolhead sculpins, crystal buggers, meat whistle olive and black. Dries- Should be kept in their box. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
West Carson River fishing report – Currently flows are at 362cfs. The West Carson has been stocked. Opening day Fish were pounded and have been educated! Nymphing was the way to go with Stonefly’s and large attractor patterns. These newly planted fish are not looking up for Dries as of yet, but Small black Stoneflies have been hatching. Nymphs- Fox’s poopah tan 12-16, size 8-10 Stonefly’s, 10-16 mayfly’s black and olive 16-18, pheasant tails 12-16,. Streamers-buggers in Olive, White and black, wool head sculpins, crystal buggers, meat whistle olive and black. Dries- Should be kept in their box. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
West Walker River fishing report- Currently flows are at 505cfs. And have not herd a report from the fishing for opening weekend, but Nymphing and Streamer fishing would be the way to go during these flows. Nymphs- Fox’s poopah tan 12-16, size 8-10 Stonefly’s, 10-16 mayfly’s black and olive 16-18, pheasant tails 12-16,. Streamers-buggers in Olive, White and black, wool head sculpins, crystal buggers, meat whistle olive and black. -Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
East Walker River fishing report- Flows are 428cfs. The fish are concentrated in the deeper buckets and along the shore line. Fish are still being caught, and larger Rainbow and Brown are going to be a little more willing to eat a fly with the higher flows. Small baetis and midge nymphs are still working well. For dries try small para adams, blue duns and black cripples. The streamer bite has been pretty good recently. There have also been some stones around so tossing a big dry fly can produce some nice fish. Nymphs- zebra midges black and red size 20-22, Wier’s sprinkles vanilla and chocolate 18-20, tailwater tiny’s size olive and black 18-22, rainbow warrior black and red size 20-22, Fox’s poopah 16-18, hares ear size 16-20, pheasent tails 18-20, micro mayflys’s 18-20, san juan worms, golden stones, barrs emergers 18-20 Dries- Blue duns 16-20, para adams 16-20, black cripples 20-22, stimulators 10-12 Streamers- Olive and Tan cone-head sculpins, olive and white buggers, natural and pearl zonkers. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
Little Truckee River fishing report- Flows are 264cfs. The road is open all the way to the top parking lot. Fishing this time of year here is a lot of fun because the fish don’t have their PhD’s in flies yet!! Look for small stoneflies, baetis and small midge patterns work well this time of year. As well as streamer fishing to be great at these flows! Nymphs- rainbow warriors in black and red sizes 18-20, wd-40′s grey and olive 18-22, barrs emergers 18-20, Wier’s sprinkle’s 18-20. Dries- try blue duns 18-20, para adams 18-22, black cripples. Streamers- Olive and Tan cone-head sculpins, olive and white buggers, natural and pearl zonkers Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
Truckee River (Ca) fishing report- Flows on the Truckee are 356cfs near the town of Truckee and 1670cfs below Boca bridge. Nymphing with large Stoneflies and baetis patterns has been working. Look for the fishing to improve with lower water closer to the Tahoe Damn. Nymphs- Fox’s Poopah olive and tan 16-18, pheasant tails 16-20, Wier’s sprinkles 18-20, prince nymphs 14-18, micro mays 18-20, black and olive zebra midges 18-20. Dries- Blue duns 18-20, hackle stacker bwo’s 18-20, para adams 18-22 . Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
Truckee River (Nv) fishing report- Flows on the Truckee in Nevada are from 1690-1770cfs depending on what stretch of the river you are on. The river is BLOWN OUT!! It’ll fish best when flows are below 500cfs. Nymphing has been the way to go all day. Fish have been coming up for BWO’s in the afternoon, but will slow with this cold snap. Look to the longer, deeper runs to be holding fish. Nymphs- Pheasant Tails 12-18’s, Tiger Worms 10, Copper, Copper Johns 12-18’s, Psycho Prince 12-16. Dries- BWO’s 12-16 (YES you read that right!) BWO emergers 12-16, Parachute Adams 12-18, there has been a lot of midges hatching as well but hardly any fish are keyed in on them. Streamers- Olive, White, and Black Buggers, Olive and Black Woolhead Sculpins on a slow swing will pick up fish aswell! Guides Available call (530-541-8208).

Tahoe area Still waters:
Indian Creek Reservoir fishing report- Fishing is on! Water Levels are way up, they have stocked big bows and they are on the prowl! Try buggers and aggravator princes with a slow strip. Midges and Baetis nymphs under the indicator has been working as well. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
Pyramid Lake- Fishing has picked up with the warmer weather, Water temps. are around 52 degrees and fish are starting to cruise! Look for the Mid day Indicator bite to really pick up as the fish start cruising more and more! Fish are still being taken stripping streamers, as well as on the Indicator. This Fishery because of the Cold spring we’ve had will fish well into June! Nymphs- Ice cream cone Midges in Black, Red, Purple. Holographic Attractor Patterns in Black, Red, Purple, and Green. Streamers- Black, Olive, White, and Purple Buggers. Flies are available at the shop!
Caples Lake fishing report- Lots of snow. Frozen, Ice Fishing is doing well! Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
Red Lake fishing report- Frozen, Ice Fishing is doing well!. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
Marlette Lake fishing report- Closed for the season
Spooner Lake fishing report- Frozen
Blue Lakes fishing report- Road clased Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
Silver Lake fishing report- Lots of snow. Guides Available call (530-541-8208).
We have offered guiding on most of these waters for over 15 years. The shop is fully stocked with all the latest equipment and flies needed to fish the Eastern Sierra and more. Call 530-541-8208 or stop by the shop for more info. We will be updating our fishing report often so check www.tahoeflyfishing.com/blog for the most up to date info on fly fishing the Tahoe Region.
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